Front Row is the Media Center software that comes with Apple computers.

Installing Front Row and/or Photo Booth on Intel Based Macs - ©2007


You must have an Intel based Macintosh computer with the new 2007-2008 Faculty/Lab Image installed. Note: You can only install Photo Booth on Intel based Macs with a built-in camera.

Enable Front Row

  1. Go to Apple Menu/System Preferences/Security and uncheck the box stating Disable remote control infrared receiver
  2. Go to Apple Menu/System Preferences/Keyboard & Mouse
  3. Click on Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Make sure the boxes to the left of Front Row and Hide and show Front Row are checked.

Install Photo Booth

  1. Obtain the Photo Booth software from Steven Vogt x7174
  2. Double click the installer and follow the prompts
  3. Photo Booth will be installed in Macintosh HD/Applications