Freelance list

The Freelance list is an e-mail list containing memebers of the Gustavus community who are willing to perform technology-related work not offered by Technology Services, on a freelance basis. The list is not officially affiliated with nor endorsed by Technology Services. You can send requests to the list by e-mailing

Not affiliated with GTS

While several people on the list happen to work in Technology Services as student Helpline employees, the list is not officially endorsed by nor affiliated with GTS. The department is not responsible for any work performed by individuals working on a freelance basis.

Services offered

There is no established set of skills or services offered by members of the freelance list. In general, requests to the list are for hardware and software work on personally-owned computers, but might include other services as well.


  • Hard drive backups / reformats
  • Hardware maintenance / replacements
  • Virus / spyware removal
  • Photography
  • Web design work unrelated to the official Gustavus website

If you choose to contact the freelance list, you should provide as many details as possible when describing the nature of the problem. Often times, if someone from the list feels they can be of service, they'll contact you within a few days to discuss the details of the project and negotiate compensation.