EudoraConverter is a script for converting Eudora address book files to LDIF files which Thunderbird can import.

Obtaining NNdbase.txt

EudoraConverter requires the NNdbase.txt file from the user's machine, which can be found by following these steps (on the user's machine):

  1. Load Eudora
  2. Go to Help > About Eudora
  3. The line that begins 'Data:' is the directory that the NNdbase.txt file is contained in. Have the user e-mail this file to or, if you are there getting the file, copy this file to a flash drive or e-mail it yourself.

Running EudoraConverter.exe

  1. Run the executable file.
  2. Input the path to the NNdbase.txt file. You can leave it blank to default to NNDbase.txt in the current directory.
  3. After this, enter a name for the output file, or leave it blank. If it is left blank, the file will be called

Note: Please be sure to add the extension .ldif to your output file, as this are the only extension Thunderbird will recognize.

Note: Whatever you name the output file will be what Thunderbird will name the address book after it has been imported.

Important Note: You may need to download the Thunderbird extension that allows local addresses (without the part) since many faculty have gotten used to that and their address books are full of local addresses. Get it Here.

Importing the new Address Book

  1. Take the .ldif file that was the output of the script to the user
  2. Open Thunderbird, then the Address Book
  3. On the tools menu, select 'Import...'
  4. Choose 'Address Books', then 'Text File (LDIF, .tab. .csv, .txt)'
  5. Change the 'Files of type' dropdown box to be 'LDIF (.ldif)'
  6. Browse to and select the file. Thunderbird will then import the file and it should be available as a new Address Book on the left-hand side.



E-mail questions, comments, and concerns to Benn Sundsrud.


Version 2.0

  • Mailing lists are now properly handled
  • Switched format to LDIF, which is much more sane than tab-delimited.
  • Code is completely re-written (and much shorter and cleaner), so corner-case bugs may crop up (if so, contact me)

Version 1.1

  • Input file no longer required to be in same directory
  • Some prompt cleanup

Version 1.0

  • Initial release