Employee Telephone Services

Employee Phone Services

Basic Phone Features

RLS: The release key (RLS) is used to disconnect the call. It is more convenient, when making a series of calls, to press release than to continually hang up the handset. If the called party has not hung up prior to you, it is also kind to their ear. The digital phones are very sensitive to sound and hang-ups result in quite a “clunk”.

HOLD: The HOLD key is the way for a caller to wait while you look something up, take another call, etc. Press the HOLD key to put the caller on hold. Callers placed on hold will hear music provided by Gustavus musical groups. Your line key arrow will flash. To get the caller back (off hold) press your line key (extension number). VOLUME CONTROL KEY: The VOLUME CONTROL KEY is found under the “0”. The volume can be raised by tapping the right side and lowered by tapping the left side. It controls these three features:

  1. Ringing volume (only while phone is ringing)
  2. Handset volume
  3. Speaker volume 

MESSAGE WAITING LAMP: Lights when you have a message waiting. Note: Broadcast messages will not light the message waiting lamp.

LINE KEY (main extension): Your extension on campus is assigned to the lower right-hand key on your telephone. Each time you pick up your handset, you have dial tone and your extension is ready to make a call

Special Phone Features (Not available on all phones)

REDIAL: The system remembers the last number that you dialed. If you had an incoming call, it still remembers the last number that you dialed.

To ring the same number again on or off campus without having to redial the entire number:

  1. Pick up your handset.
  2. Press your LINE KEY.
     Press your LINE KEY twice without picking up your handset. 

ON-HOOK DIALING: To dial a number without lifting the handset:

  1. Press your LINE KEY (hear dial tone).
  2. Dial the number.
  3. Pick up the handset when the number starts ringing (if busy press Rls). 

RING AGAIN: Ring again is similar to an automatic call back feature. For it to work with this system, you must get a busy signal. Because of voice mail, that will happen seldom. It only works for calls on campus. To use the ring again feature:

  1. When you get a busy signal after dialing a number on campus, press RING AGAIN.
  2. Hang up or press Rls key.
  3. When you hear the ring again tone, pick up your handset.
  4. Press RING AGAIN to automatically dial the number. 

If you decide to cancel:

Press RING AGAIN before you hear the ring again tone. CONFERENCE:

  1. You and another person are already talking and you wish to
add a third person to your conversation.
  2. Press your CONFERENCE key. The other person is now on hold.
  3. Dial the number. It can be an extension on campus or
someone outside the campus. Remember to dial 9 and 1 if needed.
  4. The caller answers. The first person is still on hold.
  5. Press CONFERENCE key again. Now all three of you are
together in one conversation. Continue to add people (up to five plus yourself)
as desired. As you continue to add people to your
call, the others are on hold together and may converse with each
other. Remember to get everyone back together, you need to press 

the CONFERENCE key a second time.

Note: If you receive a busy signal, press Rls, then your line key, CONFERENCE, and proceed with the conversation. You will have all parties, including yourself, connected again. CALL FORWARD: To use this feature:

  1. Do not pick up your handset.
  2. Press FORWARD
  3. Dial the number to forward to.
  4. Press FORWARD again. 

Remember: If the arrow by the feature is flashing, it needs your attention. If it is steady, you have used the feature correctly. To cancel forward, press the FORWARD key once.


  1. You and another person are talking. You need to transfer
them to a different extension on campus.
  2. Press TRANSFER. The other person is on hold in complete
  3. Dial the extension number.
        1. If announcing the call: Announce the call and then 

press TRANSFER. The other two are now connected and you are out

of the conversation. Hang up.
        2. If not announcing the call: Simply press TRANSFER.
The other two are now connected and you are out of the conversation. Hang up. 
  4. If the extension you dialed is busy or going to voice mail
and you want the caller back—press your line key (where the 

caller is on hold) and you are reconnected. If they want to leave

voice mail, transfer them back to the extension, or use the 

transfer mail box.

SPEED CALL: To program your speed call numbers:

  1. Do not pick up your handset.
  2. Press SPEED CALL key.
  3. Press the one digit number to use as the code (0-9).
  4. Dial the number to store. Remember to dial 9 and 1 as needed.
  5. Press SPEED CALL key again. 

To use your speed call:

  1. Lift your handset.
  2. Press the SPEED CALL key.
  3. Dial the one digit code. 

CALL PICKUP: To answer a call ringing on someone else’s phone in your office

area that you have been programmed to have in your call pickup
  1. Pick up your handset.
  2. Press your CALL PICKUP key. 

AUTO DIAL: To use this feature:

  1. Pick up your handset.
  2. Press AUTO DIAL key. 

To program an AUTO DIAL key:

  1. Do not pick up your handset.
  2. Press AUTO DIAL key.
  3. Dial the number to store. Remember to include 9 and 1 if 


  4. Press AUTO DIAL key again. 

INTERCOM: To intercom someone in your pre-programmed intercom group:

  1. Press your INTERCOM key.
  2. Dial the 2 digit number of the intercom member.
  3. Lift your hand set to talk. (The HANDSFREE feature is 

available on the 2616 model only).

TRANSFER MAIL BOX: To transfer a caller directly to voice mail:

  1. Press TRANSFER key.
  2. Dial 5330.
  3. Enter extension that you would like to transfer to.
  4. Press TRANSFER key. 


If a phone is not working, notify the Telecommunications Department at extension x7025 or x6261 or e-mail lmccabe@gustavus.edu

Adding and Moving Departmental Telephones

Departmental telephone changes are completed by the Telecommunications Office. We can provide you with telephone service and voice mail for new personnel as well as help with moves within the department. Contact Telecommunications before personnel leave the college so that voice mail and telephone service can be disconnected. Please let us know as far in advance

as possible regarding the changes to take place. To schedule an 

addition, deletion, or move, contact Laura McCabe at x6261.

Department Billing

Your monthly telephone bill can be retrieved online. Access is via URL: https://telecom-server.gac.edu. To log into this web page, you will enter an account ID and password. Upon successfully logging into the web page, you will see your current account information as well as the details of any calls made in the current month. You may examine your recent bill(s) also by clicking on the upper left most button (which will initially show the phrase “Current Period”) and then selecting the appropriate month. To receive help with your account ID, password, or any other questions or comments, select the comment button on the website or send email to lmccabe@gustavus.edu or call Laura at x6261.


Calling the System

Lift up your handset, dial 6330 or press the MESSAGE key. Follow

prompts to listen to received messages or to send a new message.


Gustavus's voice mail system provides for two greetings:

Your Personal Greeting is played to anyone calling or transferred

to your mailbox. Multiple-greeting allows you to record one 

greeting to play when the telephone is busy and the other for when the telephone is not answered. The later can be changed daily to inform callers of your schedule, or it can remain the same.

An Extended Absence Greeting can be recorded to advise callers that you will be away from your office and checking your voice mail infrequently.

When you have an Extended Absence Greeting, each time you enter your voice mail you are reminded of that greeting. You will be prompted to delete or retain it. Your Personal Greeting is reinstated as soon as the Extended Absence Greeting is deleted.

Unlike the Extended Absence Greeting, your Personal Greeting is 

"saved" by the system for reuse after you delete the Extended Absence Greeting.

To change your greetings:

  1. Call the system (x6330) and enter your password.
  2. Press 4-Personal Options
  3. Press 3-Greetings
  4. Press 1 for Personal Greetings or
     Press 2 for Extended Absence Greetings.
  5. Listen to instructions.
  6. Press * to exit until you hear "Good-bye". 


To change the recording of your name:

  1. Call the system (x6330).
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Press 4-Personal Options
  4. Press 3-Record Greetings
  5. Press 3-Name.
  6. Record your name.
  7. Exit the system by pressing * until you hear "Good bye". 


Passwords should be 6 digits in length and known only by you. Don’t make it easy for others to “hack” your voice mail. You should change your password regularly.

To change your password:

  1. Call the system (x6330) and enter your current password.
  2. Press 4-Personal Options
  3. Press 2-Administrative Options
  4. Press 1-Passwords
  5. Listen to directions. Press * to exit. 

Calling Voicemail From Outside Your Office

To reach voice mail when calling from a phone other than your office phone:

  1. Call the Octel system. Use the MESSAGE key if available or 

dial x6330. (Dial 933-6330 from off-campus).

  2. Listen to the greeting.
  3. Press # or *. This tells the Octel system that you have a 

mailbox, but not on this phone.

  4. Enter your mailbox number (your Gustavus extension number).
  5. Enter your password. You are now at the Octel main menu. 

NOTE: This works from touch-tone services only. Reviewing Messages

Playback controls:

   * Dial 1,1 = Rewinds to the beginning.
   * Dial 1 = Rewinds 10 seconds.
   * Dial 2 = Pause. (Dial 2 again to restart).
   * Dial 3,3 = Fast forwards to end.
   * Dial 3 = Fast forwards 10 seconds.
   * Dial 5 = Gives you envelope information. The date, time, 

and length of the message. You will also hear the sender's name if the message is from someone at Gustavus. Sending Voicemail

To send messages without calling first:

  1. Call the system (x6330).
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Press 2, Send a Message.
  4. Record your message.
  5. Press # when finished recording.
  6. At this time, you can send, replay or re-record the message. Press 1 to replay the message.
     Press * to re-record the message.
     Enter the destination (the person's phone number) to send the message.
  7. Press # after the destination.
  8. Press * to exit the system.