Duo TF - Device Replacement for End Users

If you are a Duo Two Factor Authentication user and you have replaced your smart phone, and you use it as one of your authentication methods, these directions will help you get Duo working on your new device.

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If You Can Authenticate

If you are a Duo Two Factor user, and you have a new phone and any one of the following is true:

  • you still have the old phone and it works
  • your new phone has the same number as the old phone and you can receive calls on it
  • you have Duo configured to call an alternate phone number, and you have access to that phone
  • you have access to bypass codes

you can add the new device yourself.

You can add the new device by modifying your settings in Duo.

  • Visit the Gustavus DUO Management portal. Log in and authenticate with the method you have available (from the above list). Click Device Options next to the phone number. Click Reactivate DUO Mobile and follow the prompts to set up the DUO mobile app on your new device.

If You Cannot Authenticate

If you are a Duo Two Factor user, and you don't have access to your authentication method because:

  • you do not have your old smartphone, or it doesn't work
  • you got a new phone, and it does not have the same number as the old phone


  • you do not have an alternate authentication method (Land Line/Office Phone, FOB)

you will need to contact the Technology Helpline (507-933-6111) and ask to speak with a full time employee.


When typing in my phone number during the "Add Device" process, it won't let me verify my phone number.

Please log out and restart the "Add Device" process.

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