Setting up Gustavus e-mail

  1. From the Home Screen, choose Settings.
  2. Choose the Accounts and Sync menu.
  3. Type in your Gustavus username and password
  4. Choose manual setup
  5. Select IMAP
  6. Type in your Gustavus email address (username@gustavus.edu)
  7. Type in your username (username)
  8. Type in your password
  9. Type in the imap server (imap.gac.edu)
  10. Choose the security protocol (SSL)
  11. Make sure the server port is 993
  12. Click the next button
  13. Type in your Gustavus username
  14. Type in your Gustavus e-mail password
  15. Type in the Gustavus smtp server (smtp-auth.gac.edu)
  16. Make sure the security type is SSL
  17. Use port 465
  18. Click the next button
  19. Name the account (e.g. gustavus.edu)
  20. Type in your name (what you would like people to see)
  21. Click the Finish setup button
  22. Check the box to make this account default

Setting up Gustavus Google Calendar

Currently syncing multiple accounts or solely a Google Apps for Education calendar such as Gustavus Google Calendar is not supported by Google's Android OS.

Two work arounds include:

  1. Sharing your Gustavus Google Calendar to your GMail calendar.
  2. Using the browser on the phone to view the calendar. (google.gustavus.edu)