Disk Encryption

Full disk encryption obstructs unauthorized access to data by converting all the data stored on a hard drive to an unreadable format. In order to read the data stored on the hard drive, an authorized user must authenticate to unlock the hard drive.


Bitlocker is a feature included in Windows Ultimate, Pro, Server and Enterprise editions that enables full disk encryption. Full disk encryption protects the data from offline access to the data using AES encryption. There are several different modes of Bitlocker encryption that offer differing levels of security.

Bitlocker Overview

How to enable Bitlocker on a Gustavus owned computer

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) will automatically be deployed to the computer. Once it is deployed, click Start in the MBAM popup window.


Once the encryption begins, you will see the following message.



FileVault is the name of the full disk encryption utility on Mac OSX computers.

Filevault Overview