Digital Arts Lab iMac Projection

The Digital Arts Lab consists of a Teaching iMac and 16 Student iMacs that can all be projected to the front screen using an Epson projector or 3 different large TVs on the other 3 walls. The iMac being projected can be controlled by the person at the teaching iMac.

Controlling the Projection

Powering on the displays

Tap Crestron Panel on Teaching Station Desk.

Tap on Display Power and Click LCD On and Projector On. You should see all 4 power up.

Logging in and Controlling the 3 Video Matrix Controllers

Log into the teaching station iMac as yourself. There are three controllers that allow you to display any of the 17 iMacs in the room. To control these you will need to log into a website. Please contact GTS for the username and password of these websites.

The main control for choosing what is on the 3 TVs and the projector is controlled by:

Stations 1-8 are controlled by:

Stations 9-16 are controlled by:

Choosing What is Displayed

Teaching Station

To show what is on the teaching station iMac, open and log into the Main Controller. Make sure the resolution for the Epson Projector video is set for 1080i or 1080p or there will be an error on the 3 monitors.

Go to the Control Section, choose T Stat for the input, then either choose All at the bottom for all 4 displays or choose the display you want and then hit confirm. (You do not need to hit the confirm button for all.)

Student Stations

To show what is on one of the student iMacs, open and log into the appropriate controller. There are numbers by each iMac. The ones on the far end of the room from the Teaching Station are 1-8. Click on the control section, then choose the iMac you would like to display and click on All.

Then go to the Main Controller, click on Control, choose the input for that iMac (1-8 or 9-16), then choose all, or choose the display output you prefer and click on Confirm.

Playing Audio

If you want to play audio from the iMacs you will need to choose the projector for the output.