Device naming convention

All devices on the Gustavus network use a special naming convention to quickly identify them.

The format depends on whether the device is a personal machine for a specific faculty/staff member, a student's machine or a special purpose campus-owned machine.

This is used in the Filemaker database

Faculty/staff computers

The name of faculty and staff computers begin with their Gustavus username followed by a dash and a number. The number is the first available number based on the number of network devices the user has registered.

example: jsmith-3

Student machines

The name of a student machine depends on if it was registered to use a static or dynamic IP address.

Static IP address

This follows the same conventions as Faculty/staff computers as outlined above.

Dynamic IP address

This system is not fully implemented at this time. Information will be added as it becomes available.

Special purpose computers

Other computers on campus have a special 9-character code which helps to quickly identify their location and purpose.

A fictitious example might be AA100MW00.

AA 100 M W 00
Building Room number Operating system Computer purpose Computer number


All network printers on campus have a similar 9-character code which helps to quickly identify their location and purpose.

A fictitious example might be AA100PB00.

AA 100 P B 00
Building Room number Printer Printer purpose Printer number

Code breakdown


Building Abbreviation
Arbor View AV
Carlson Administrative Building CA
Christ Chapel CC
Confer Hall CH
College View CV
Environmental Studies/Interpretive Center ES
Fine Arts – Art FA
Fine Arts – Music FM
Fine Arts – Theatre/Dance/Communication FT
Guest House GH
Heating Plant HP
International Center IC
Jackson Campus Center JC
Johnson Student Union JU
Lund Center LC
Library LI
Link (Gibbs Computer Lab) LK
Lundgren House LU
Mattson Hall MH
Nobel Hall NH
North Hall NR
Norelius Hall NS
Olin Hall OH
Old Main OM
President's House PH
Pittman Hall PI
Physical Plant PP
Prairie View PV
Retreat Center RC
Rundstrom Hall RU
Sohre Hall SO
Sorenson Hall SR
Swanson Tennis Center TC
Uhler Hall UH
Vickner Hall VH

Room number

This is room number in which the computer is located.

  • The number must be exactly three digits long. Leading zeros may be necessary to adhere to the convention.
    • Example: Room 12 becomes 012.
  • If the room number contains letters, these must be dropped.
    • Example: Room 212 D becomes 212.
  • All rooms at Gustavus have a room number. If you are having trouble finding a room number, a full-time GTS employee can supply you with a building map.

Operating system

This letter represents the operating system installed on the machine.

Operating System Abbreviation
Linux L
Mac M
Other O
Windows W
Printer P

Computer purpose

This letter represents the purpose of the machine.

Purpose Abbreviation
Computer on wheels (COW) C
Kiosk K
Lab L
Multimedia M
Student Station S
Workstation W

Printer Purpose

This letter represents the purpose of the printer.

Purpose Abbreviation
Printer Black and White B
Printer Color C

Computer and Printer number

This is the number assigned to this computer or printer.

  • If the device is the only one in the room, it is assigned 00.
  • If multiple devices are in one room, choose a numbering system that makes sense.
    • Computers towards the entrance should have lower numbers.
    • Computers in a row should have successive numbers.

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