DVArchive is a program used with ReplayTV to help manage programs recorded on ReplayTVs. It is installed on all faculty machines in the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures as well as all Macintosh computers at the teaching stations of all multi-media classrooms in Vickner Hall and Confer Hall, including the Culpeper Language Center. If you have any problems using this software please call Ryan Furness

Getting started

If DVArchive has been set-up on your computer you will be able to begin by clicking on the DVArchive icon in the DVArchive folder in your Applications folder. The program may take a few seconds to start up, please be patient. it may also ask for a password, this is the password you use to log into you computer (not necessarily the same as your e-mail password). Once the program is open it should look like this: DVArchive0.png

If the Culpeper1 and Culpeper2 menus don't show up on the left please make sure you are connected to the network in Confer/Vickner via a wired (NOT wireless) connection. If everything is connected but you still don't see them please call Ryan Furness.

Getting the TV Listings

To choose a show to record click on the TV Listings tap along the top of the window. It should then open a window which looks like this: DVArchive3.png

If all the time-slots say No Program Info click on the Update Listing button on the lower left. This process will take a few seconds as it is accesses the program information over the network.

If instead channels and programs the TV Listings is completely blank that means you still need to set up your station listings. To do this, click on the Properties button on the bottom right of the window. This will open a new window. Under Provider/Line-up Selection it should say Zip/Postal Code: 56082 and Primary Lineup: DISH, Minneapolis. If it does not say that you will need to click on the Change Zip/Provider and enter that information.

Once you have the correct Zip and Provider chosen you may choose which channels you want to have in your TV listing. Click on the Add/Remove Channels button. A box will pop up with a list of all channels provided by that carrier. Check the boxes next to the channels you wish to see, then click Close. NOTE: We do not subscribe to all of the channels listed, those we do subscribe to are:


  • 675 TV Japan


  • 725 Deutsche Welle
  • 726 Prosiebensat.1 Welt


  • 731 TV5


  • 738 RTVI
  • 739 RTVI Plus


  • 819 CD-Viva Mariachi
  • 820 CD-Fiesta Mexicana
  • 821 CD-Latin Styles
  • 822 CD-Miami Mix
  • 823 CD-Tejano
  • 824 CD-Latino Pop
  • 825 Azteca America
  • 827 Univision
  • 828 Univision West
  • 830 Telefutura East
  • 831 Telefutura West
  • 833 Galavision
  • 834 CentroAmericaTV
  • 835 Telemundo
  • 836 TeleP (TM DOW)
  • 838 Mun2
  • 839 Canal 1
  • 840 TV Española International
  • 841 TV Colombia
  • 842 TV Chile
  • 843 HITN
  • 844 Television Dominicana
  • 845 Discovery an Español
  • 853 GOL TV
  • 854 ESPN Deportes
  • 855 FOX Sports en Español
  • 857 SUR
  • 859 CNN en Español
  • 862 De Pelicula
  • 863 De Pelico Clasico
  • 865 CineLatino
  • 868 Telehit
  • 870 Hispanic TV
  • 872 MTV Español

When you have finished updating the TV Lising settings click Save and the program will automatically update your listings and take you back to the TV Listings screen. You are now ready to record. Note: If you click on the name of the station on the left of the screen, a new box will pop up which gives you a more in-depth description of the shows on that channel.

Recording a Show

To record a show, go to the TV Listing section, click on a show you want to record and then click the Schedule button. When you do this it will open a new window. In this window you will choose which Replay to record on (either is fine, but you must choose one) either Culpeper1 or Culpeper2. Once you have chosen a ReplayTV you then should choose which language folder the program will be saved in. Please take the time to do this! It makes everything much more organized. DVArchive7.png

In this window you may also choose how often to record this show. If it is a program that is on every day you can record it everyday, every week, or just once. Once you have made all the appropriate choices click on the Schedule button. If the program gives you an error, this most likely means that somebody is already recording something at that time, if this is the case, close the window and try again, this time choosing the other Replay. Once a show has been chosen to record it will have a red dot next to it on the TV Listing and eventually show up in the program list in the main screen.

Playing a Show

To play a program from DVArchive, first make sure you are in the main screen, or DVR Explorer tab. Then click on the language category in which you saved the program. A list of saved programs should now appear in the main frame. Select your program and control+click on it (right-click, if you have a two-button mouse). A menu will appear, choose Play Show, then minimize the DVArchive program. The show will open using VLC. VLC may gie you an error message, just click OK and ignore it. If the program does not open VLC but gives you an error message instead, please call Ryan Furness. DVArchive2.png

Burning a Show to a DVD

If you would like a particular show burned to a playable DVD you should e-mail Ryan Furness with the name of the show and she will burn the DVD herself. At this time she is the only one with the necessary programs to burn DVArchive files to playable DVDs. If you have a DVD burner on your computer and are interested in learning how to do it yourself, please let her know.