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Technology Services supports computer labs across campus that are located in residence halls, academic buildings, the Jackson Campus Center and the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library. The labs contain a mix of Macintosh, Windows and Linux computers. Each lab has a high-speed Internet connection and a printer. Some of the academic labs are highly specialized and are not always available to the general Gustavus community.

Lab Hours

During Academic Year: Most computer labs hours are the same as the building hours. If a lab is locked contact Campus Safety (x8888) to have the lab unlocked.

Scheduled Breaks: All computer labs will be locked down according to the building schedule. To gain special access to labs during scheduled breaks please consult with Technology Services (Technology Helpline 507-933-6111).

During Summer Break: All computer labs are reserved through Summer Programs in the months of June, July and August. Please consult with Summer Programs for availability.

Labs Details

Additional labs located throughout the campus meet individual department needs, therefore the use of these labs is often restricted to students enrolled in related courses of study.

Beck Hall

Digital Arts Lab

Beck Hall 112 The Digital Arts computer lab is a high-end Macintosh computer lab designed for video editing and other graphic art. This lab contains 16 student iMacs and 1 teacher iMac The computers in this lab are equipped with Final Cut Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, and Vector Works. This lab also has several color printers. This lab has a projector and multiple LCD displays.

Beck 203

This is located on the second floor of Beck Hall. This lab contains 24 MacBook Pro laptops, black/white printer, and a projector.

Confer Hall

Culpeper Language Learning Center

Vickner Hall 108 - x6247 The Culpeper Language Learning Center is a Macintosh computer lab designed for language studies. This lab is equipped with software necessary for these studies. This lab is equipped with a black/white printer as well as a projector.

Digital Humanities Lab

Confer Hall 232 The Digital Humanities lab is a Macintosh computer lab dedicated to exploring the Humanities through technology. This lab is equipped with a black/white printer as well as a projector. This lab contains 16 iMacs for student and faculty use

Nobel Hall


For Geography Students, a GIS lab is maintained as part of the Nobel computer lab. This lab contains 16 Windows workstations each with a large display (28"), a map plotting station, the MapInfo program, ArcMap and ArcGIS. This lab also has a color printer capable of printing 11x17.

Chemistry and Biology

A few small labs are maintained for use by the Chemistry and Biology departments. These labs are scattered throughout Nobel Hall and are integrated in with the chemistry and biology labs.

Olin Hall

Olin Lab 124

The Olin Technology Center is located on the first floor of Olin Hall and is home to the Gustavus Technology Helpline.

Mathematics and Computer Science

The Mathematics and Computer Science department maintains labs located in Olin Hall 326 and 329 which are comprised of 18 Windows computers with dual display. In addition to these lab machines, the MCS department also maintains a Linux process server in Olin Hall 327.

Schaefer Fine Arts Center

Music Keyboard Lab

An Electronic Music Laboratory is located on the third floor of the Schaefer Fine Arts Music building. Each station in this lab contains midi software, ear training programs, and an electronic keyboard. This lab is equipped with a black/white printer as well as a projector.

Design Studio Lab

The Design Studio Lab is a small lab for designed for the Theatre and Dance Department located the north door (2nd floor) of the Fine Arts Theater building. This lab comes equipped with Vector Works and QLab. This lab includes 4 Macintosh computers and 1 Windows computer.


The library, while not an official computer lab, contains many general use computers scattered on every floor. The main floor houses the E-Classroom. Click here for a break down on the location of the library computers. The library also has a color printer located on the main floor.

Residence halls

Each residence hall, with the exception of Arbor View, has a computer lab with 24-hour access. Each computer in the residence hall labs has a set of available software installed. In every residence hall, there is a printer that is available for student use. Labs can be found in the following residence halls: