Complete Guide to Imaging and Cascading Machines

Imaging is the process used by Technology Services to put a "standard set" of software on all machines. This consistency from computer to computer makes the end user experience better and makes support much easier.

Anytime a user's machine is "upgraded" or "imaged," they will notice significant changes. Special care and understanding must be taken to preserve the user's environment.

Backup space

We will be using a new backup space for the summer of 2008.

  • \\cascadespace\cascade
  • \\cspace\cascade

This server (accessible under either name above) is available for backups. It is accessible with the helpline account from all platforms.

Naming conventions

Great care is being taken this summer to make sure that all machines are named properly—both machine names and in GReg—and that they match. Machines used by a primary person will be named that person's Gustavus username—this does not necessary match the name on the label on the machine. Machines in public areas will be named using the Add Special section in GReg.

See also Computer Naming Convention

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