Checkout iOS Setup

This wiki article will walk you through the process of setting up iOS devices to be checked out to different users.

Initial Setup


All newer iOS devices with iOS 5 or greater will have a quick setup that will walk you through setup of several settings. If the setup has been completed you can skip this section. All of these settings can be reconfigured after completing the setup.

  1. Start by connecting the iPod Touch to a Mac with Apple Configurator and starting the Initial Setup.
  2. Select English and tap the arrow in the top right
  3. Select United States as the country and tap the next button in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Enable location services and tap the next button.
  5. Select the GACmobile network, type in the password and tap next.
  6. Make sure that Set up as new iPod Touch is selected and tap next.
  7. Skip creating an Apple ID. The button is in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  8. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  9. Select Don't Send in the Diagnostics & Usage screen and tap next.
  10. Finally, tap the Start Using iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch button.

Register Device on Network

To make sure the device works on the Gustavus wireless network you will need to register it

  1. Make sure the device is connected to GACsecure by going to Settings / Wi-Fi
  2. Tap on Settings then General then About and find the Wi-Fi Address.
  3. Use the Wi-Fi Address to register the device in GReg for the user who is receiving the device on the wireless VLAN.
  4. Note the name GReg gives the device - it will be used later on. In this example GReg named this iPad hpotter-29.

Naming and Supervising the Device

Like all other iOS devices, checkout iOS devices need to be named corresponding to their GReg entry. In addition, in order to check out iOS devices using Apple Configurator they must be a "supervised" device. A "supervised" device in Apple terminology means any device that may switch hands regularly or does not belong to a single user. Lab, kiosk and check out iOS devices are good examples of iOS configurations where supervision is necessary.

  1. First, name the iPad according to its GReg entry. In this example this iPad is OH124IT00 in GReg.
  2. Make sure the Number sequentially starting at 1 option is not selected.
  3. Make sure the Supervision: slider is set to ON
  4. Make sure the Restore: dropdown menu is set to Don't restore backup
  5. Make sure no profiles are checked in the Profiles: section.
  6. See the image below for a visual guide. When you're sure the settings are correct click the Prepare button.

Note: You may have to run through the Initial Setup section again after you click Prepare and before moving onto the next section.


Assigning Profiles and Apps

After running through the [Initial Setup] again the device is now in a supervised mode and able to be assigned different apps and profiles as needed.

  1. To begin move the device to the Checkout device group by clicking and dragging the device to the group.
  1. Next under Settings double check the Name: field is correct.
  2. Deselect Number sequentially starting at 1
  3. Make sure the Update iOS: dropdown is set to When update is available.
  4. Make sure the Restore downdown is set to Don't restore backup
  5. Make sure the Lock to App: dropdown is set to None
  6. Select the Auto-Join Devices Enrollment and Gustavus Settings - Checkout profiles are checked.
  7. Next, under the Apps tab at the top check any apps that you'd like to be installed. If this check iOS device will not have any apps installed with it you may skip this step. Refer to the image below for guidance.
  8. Finally, when the Profiles and Apps for this device are selected click the Apply button.

Assign/Checkout the Device to a User

Now that the Profiles and Apps are installed the iOS device is ready to be checked out to users at Gustavus. Apple Configurator has LDAP integration so it is possible to check out a device without having to type the users entire name.

  1. Begin by selecting the Assign tab in Apple Configurator.
  1. To add a new user click the plus sign in the middle column of Apple Configurator and begin typing the users name or Gustavus username of the person you're checking out the device to. Apple Configurator will begin to populate users based on your input. In this case Apple Configurator found the user Daniel Zimmerli based on the beginning of their username.
  1. If the user has already checked out a device through Apple Configurator they will show up under the list of users.
  1. Once you've selected the user, click the Check Out button.
  2. A new window will appear. In the Check out devices: dropdown menu select the Checkout option.
  3. Click on the Checkout button. The device is now checked out to the selected user.

Check in the Device from a User

When a user is done with the device it will need to be checked in before it can be assigned to another user.

  1. Connect the iPad to the Apple Configurator computer.
  2. Under the Assign tab click Check In.
  3. Once the device has been checked in it should say "No Device" below the users name.