CD and DVD duplication

CD and DVD duplication is one of the many services provided by Media Services. Media Services is capable of creating duplicates from the original physical media or disk images, creating art for both cases and the media itself, designing DVD menus, and more. In addition, we can author CDs and DVDs from source materials, commonly obtained through audio/video recordings as part of our event support services.

You are responsible for complying with all copyright laws. Please do not request duplication services for media that you are not legally allowed to duplicate.

Included services and costs

For all duplication services, you are welcome to provide your own images for the case inserts. We also have a Gustavus template that we can customize with information related to your CDs and DVDs.

CD production

CD duplication is charged at $4 per CD and includes labels printed onto CDs, jewel cases, and case inserts.

DVD production

The cost for DVD duplication is $5 per DVD. This charge also covers the cost of the DVD case, case insert, and label printed onto DVD. All of these are included with the each DVD.

Turnaround time

After a duplication request has been received by Media Services, we typically require three to five business days to complete your request. For orders over 50 discs, additional time will be required. We will notify you when your request is available for pickup.

Requests requiring authoring of DVD menus, content editing, and other services will need additional time.


Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our contact information can be found here.

See also

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