Beck Academic Hall Classroom FAQ

General Classroom information

  • There are light switches near the door and near the Crestron control panel.
  • The shades are motorized, the buttons are near the control panel. There is an up, stop, and down button.
  • The projector screen is not motorized
  • For your convenience, there are multiple power outlets on all four walls.
  • There are ethernet ports available on three walls
  • To use the Epson Projection Software you must connect to either wireless network: Gustavus or GustavusSecure.
  • The podium has a Lenovo and Macintosh charger in it. To use these chargers, the podium must be plugged into the wall.
  • The projectors will not rotate to any other wall, except for where it is currently pointed. They do not swivel.
  • Guests may use the GustavusGuest network, however they are unable to use the EasyMP wireless connection method while connected to this network.

Using the Crestron Control Panel


Turns the projector on.


Turns the projector off.

Volume Knob

The volume should start at 75% of full volume when the projector is turned on. You can rotate the knob to increase the volume or decrease the volume. There is an indicator light to show what level the volume is currently set at.

Laptop (VGA/Mini DisplayPort) Input (Wired Method)

Hardwired connection to the projector from laptop (Guests will need to use this method)

  1. Turn on projector
  2. choose the laptop source
  3. connect to wifi network Gustavus or GustavusSecure, guest will need to connect to GustavusGuest
  4. plug laptop into the power supply
  5. plug video cable into laptop
    1. plug in sound cable
    2. adjust volume
    3. adjust lighting
  6. when done, turn projector off and put cables back in box

HDMI Input (Wired Method)

This input is designed for devices such as blu-ray players and other HD components.

  1. Turn on projector
  2. Plug in HDMI cable to the wall jack below the Control Panel
  3. Choose the HDMI source
  4. Turn off projector when done.

Video Input

The input on the Control Panel is designed for devices that use RCA (red, white, yellow) cables such as DVD players, VCRs, etc.

  1. Turn on projector
  2. Plug in RCA cables to the wall jack below the Control Panel. Be sure to match up the colors to the wall jack inputs.
  3. Choose the Video source
  4. Turn off projector when done.

Easy MP Input (Wireless method)

Use this to wirelessly project your computer via the Epson Projection Software, also known as Easy MP. (if using video or sound, please use the wired connection for best results)

  1. Turn on projector by pressing the On button on the Control Panel
  2. Choose EasyMP source on Control Panel
  3. Connect laptop to the wifi network Gustavus or GustavusSecure
  4. Plug laptop into power on the podium, make sure podium is plugged in
  5. Open EasyMP software on laptop. (If it isn't already installed, please feel free to download the Epson Projection Software)
  6. Choose projector check box and hit connect (look for room number)
  7. If you want to be sure that nobody takes control of your screen, be sure to select 'disable interrupt' checkbox
  8. You can select up to four projectors to project your computer screen to
  9. When done, disconnect using the EasyMP software, and turn projector off

AV Mute

The AV mute button will turn off the audio and video of whatever is projected on the screen as long as the button is activated. You can bring back the audio and video by pressing this again.


For devices that are capable of Closed Captioning, this will enable Closed Captioning when this button is pressed.