Adopt a Lab

Adopt a Lab is a tool we use to monitor our residence hall and academic labs. The program has one Technology Helpline employee touring each Residence Hall and Academic Lab once a week, and reporting and fixing any problems.

2012-2013 Labs

Res Hall CA Email
International Center
Academic Lab CA Email
Digital Arts (Beck 112)
Beck 303
Nobel GIS
Music Keyboard
Fine Arts Design Studio
Union Kiosks

Lab Tour Checklist

For each computer:

  • Restart each computer and make sure it boots up normally.
  • Does computer monitor display normal?
    • If not, check monitor video and power cables.
  • Are the keyboard, mouse and mousepad present and working?
    • If not, check connections or restart computer.
  • Login as helpline (or yourself) to test network user login.
  • Open a web browser and check computer connectivity (Off campus site).
    • If no connectivity, check ethernet cable at wall and computer.
  • Send a print job from each computer to the joker and marty installed printers. Verify that the jobs you sent make it to the print server, by logging into Cancel all the jobs.
  • Send one additional print job (to either printer). Log into and release it. Inspect the output for quality. Report any problems. Your accounts will be credited $1.00 for each lab/semester to offset these print jobs.
  • Log into
  • Report Everything is okay if there are no problems.
  • Report Something is wrong if there is a problem.
    • To report Something is wrong for another computer select Change, type the computer hostname and describe the problem.
  • Restart the computers and leave at login.


  • Push in chairs.
  • Straighten keyboard / mice / monitors.
  • Tuck in any loose cables that are obtrusive.
  • Pickup extra papers and recycle them.
  • Throw away other extra garbage.
  • Clean screens with screen spray and cloth.
  • Check paper levels.

Other Reporting

  • Missing equipment - make a ticket in Fusion - or do a compreport
  • Less than 2 reams of paper (4 in Norelius) - make a ticket in Fusion - or do a compreport