Adobe Contribute - Installation guide

Installation Guide- Adobe Contribute CS5

Locating the Software

Software such as Adobe Contribute are programs that should come with the most


recent image for the Windows or Macintosh computers. However, if the image you are working with is dated, it is possible that the software could have been updated and is not on the current image on the computer you are using. If this is the case, it is important to upgrade it.

In order to upgrade/install, one needs to be logged in as admin with the appropriate password for the year of the computer's image. It may be necessary to uninstall the users current version of Contribute, especially if the Setup does not specify that an upgrade/repair/reinstall will occur (i.e. it asks to install the software immediately). The software is located in two different servers (Windows and Macintosh)

Installing for Windows (Phoebe)

  • Click the Start menu, and select "Run"
    • If using the Windows 7 OS, type "Run" into the search bar, and select.
  • in the search bar, type "\\"
  • a menu will then open, and the folders containing updated software are "I" and "Installers_programs"
  • From either of these folders, select the Adobe folder
  • Select the Contribute folder
  • You are then given the option to install CS3, CS4, or CS5. Typically, we want to keep the machine up to date with the latest software, which would be CS5 in this case.
  • Select the PC folder, and the Contribute CS5 folder inside of it.
  • Select Adobe CS5
  • Select the icon labeled "Set-up" and run

NOTE: If the setup asks for a serial number, open the text sheet from the Adobe folder labeled "serialUpgrades2010," locate the Windows Contribute key, copy, and paste into when prompted through the set-up wizard.

Installing for Macintosh (macsoft)

  • Select the Finder
  • On the menu bar, select "Go"
  • Scroll down to "Connect to Server"
  • In the new menu box, type ""
  • From there, enter your user name and password
  • A new scroll window will open with folders containing the software which was impeded with the Mac image over the given years. Select the desired year (typically the most recent)
  • Select Adobe
  • Select Contribute CS5 (or a previous version depending on the imaging software selected)
  • Mount the Software and run the installer
  • Serial Number should not be needed

System Install

After the correct folders have been opened, and the setup is running, the software install is nearly completed. Follow the procedure given in the setup windows, and afterward a reboot may be necessary (the setup will tell you if so). If this is the case, make sure it is okay with the computer owner to reboot, in case they have any unsaved applications running.