Adding a printer - Linux

This article will show you how to set up printing in the residence-halls for computers running Linux-based operating systems.

All Gustavus residence halls have HP Laserjet 4350 printers. Most Linux distributions should have the drivers installed already.

Adding a residence hall printer on most distributions

This procedure should work with distributions that use system-config-printer. Such distributions include Fedora 9, Ubuntu 8.04 and later distributions running the GNOME desktop.

  • Go to "System > Administration > Printing".
  • Click "New" > "Printer".
  • Select "Other".
  • In the box on the right, enter the URL corresponding to the printer you wish to add from the table below.
  • Click "Next".
  • When you are prompted for the model of printer, select "HP" and "LaserJet 4350". Use the default choice for the driver.
  • When prompted to select optional features, select "500-sheet tray" for tray 3, and select the optional "Duplex Unit"
  • Enter a name for the printer (note that this cannot contain spaces), description, and location.
  • You will be prompted to test a print page. You should be all set to print.
Printer URI
Sohre lpd://
Southwest lpd://
Uhler lpd://
Arbor View East lpd://
Arbor View West lpd://
College View lpd://
Gibbs lpd://
International Center lpd://
Norelius lpd://
North lpd://
Pittman lpd://
Prairie View lpd://
Rundstrom lpd://

Releasing your documents

Once you have printed your documents, you must release them to the printer at: You can read more about the print accounting system on the general Printing page.