Account Password Policy

A password is required to check Gustavus e-mail and to access many parts of the Gustavus Website.

When picking a password, pick one that is difficult to guess (i.e. don't use your nickname). Remember, your password protects both your privacy and identity.

Your passphrase must

  • be at least 8 characters in length
  • contain both letters and non-letters

Your passphrase cannot contain

  • a dictionary word which is longer than 3 letters.
  • a dictionary word which is longer than 3 letters backwards.
  • a run of letters longer than 3 letters. (eg. abcd)
  • a run of numbers longer than 3 letters. (eg. 1234)
  • a run of characters on the keyboard longer than 3 letters. (eg. qwerty)
  • the characters ' " or \

Why do I have to change my password?

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