7 tips for successful student blogging

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. We are happy you have decided to share your unique experiences with others. While we hope that your posts will enhance the image and reputation of our institution, infrequent or poorly written material can have the opposite effect. Please be aware that the information you share will be available to absolutely everyone—your parents, grandparents, peers and future employers may all decide to visit your blog—so your topics, grammar and language should be chosen accordingly. Below are some general guidelines to keep in mind while composing your entries:

The 7 Tips

Choose wisely

Choose your topics, grammar and language wisely. Obscene or abusive language is ill-advised in any public setting, and your blog is no exception. Your words may come back to haunt you socially, academically, professionally or even legally.

Allot time

Allot time for at least one new post per week, and more often if you feel comfortable. While conflicting schedules can conspire to thwart even the noblest of intentions; it is still advisable to post regularly.

Be factual

Do not fabricate stories or events for the benefit of the audience. We want your honest thoughts and experiences, no matter how mundane.

Be prepared for feedback

Others may comment on your posts via the blog, or privately through e-mail. Avoid confrontations or extended conversations with comment-makers on the blog. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the feedback you receive, please notify Web Services as soon as possible. Keep in mind that although negative feedback can be unnerving at first, it gives your fans an opportunity to stand up for you.

Use photos

We encourage you to include relevant photos and images in your blog entries. If you have a Gustavus blog and you want to share photos, e-mail them to Web Services and indicate the particular post to which they should be added.

Mistakes happen

Be aware that if you have a blog set up through Gustavus, Web Services reserves the right to edit and/or delete your posts, associated photos and comments at any time. Some of the aforementioned guidelines should alleviate the need for this, but mistakes occasionally happen. If your blog is run through the Gustavus website, Web Services also reserves the right to activate or deactivate your blog at any time, for any reason.

We love you

Your participation is completely voluntary and is greatly appreciated.

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