Real Estate: What You Can Give Now

Gifts of Real Estate: Getting Started

Homes, land, office buildings and other types of real estate assets can be used to help further our important work. Learn how a donation of real estate might work in your situation.

Is This Gift Right for You?

Real estate transactions can be straightforward or complex, based on your particular circumstances. Learn whether or not this type of donation is a good fit for you.

Case Study

Explore how a donation of real estate plays out in everyday life.

How to Complete Your Gift

Follow these practical steps to make a difference at our organization through a donation of real estate.

Beyond an Outright Gift: Other Ways to Give Real Estate

We offer flexibility in the methods you can choose to make a donation of real estate. Consider these alternatives.

Action Items

Now that you know the possibilities of giving real estate, learn how to move forward with a plan that works best for you.