Ten Philanthropic Resolutions for the New Year

  1. I will give without being asked.
  2. I will draw upon the key people, experiences and influences in my life when deciding where to give.
  3. I will study the best methods for making donations. For example, I might make charitable gifts outright rather than deferred, from assets rather than from income.
  4. I will seek no influence from my giving. I may want to restrict some gifts for specific purposes, but I will place no other conditions on my giving.
  5. I will make charitable giving an integral part of my estate plan. I will consult my estate planner for help.
  6. I will make "challenge gifts" so as to involve others in worthwhile funding campaigns.
  7. I will evaluate the business of a cause before I support it. I will look beyond emotional appeal to the financial efficiency of a charity.
  8. I will emphatically oppose unprofessional appeals.
  9. I will encourage others to give to good causes. I will teach my children and urge my friends to select causes and support them in return for their blessings and for the good of the communities in which we live.
  10. I will consider my financial responsibility to the health, education and welfare of my family as I design my charitable giving. I cannot support all causes. My first cause is my family. I will learn to graciously say, "no, thank you," when I must.