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Jane and Jerry completed their first wills many years ago when their two children were young. Now empty nesters, Jane and Jerry are happily looking forward to retirement. Part of their retirement preparation plans included a meeting with their attorney to update their estate plans.

Recently, on the drive home from work, Jane was involved in a serious car accident that put her in the hospital for more than a week. The children, now old enough to speak frankly with their parents, asked their dad if he and their mom had up-to-date wills. Jerry was able to share with them that he and Jane had recently updated their entire estate plan, including their wills. They also had the proper paperwork in place if Jerry needed to make medical decisions on behalf of Jane while she was in the hospital.

Knowing that their parents had an updated estate plan gave the children peace of mind and allowed all of them to focus their energies on helping Jane recover.

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Discussing financial information with your family may be difficult, but sharing your plans now avoids misunderstandings later.

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