A Generous Nature May Lead to a Long Life

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Retirement isn't exactly the ideal time to take up the hottest new fad diet or exercise routine. Luckily, there is another option for boosting your health. Research suggests that having a positive sense of purpose and an expression of goals can affect your well-being—even helping to fight disease.

Exploring the Connection

One popular story features John D. Rockefeller as an example. At age 54, this intense, success-driven billionaire suffered from a plethora of physical ailments and was given one year to live. Then Rockefeller made an about-face, redirecting his life's mission toward caring for others through philanthropy. His health rallied and he lived to be 98.

Exercise Your "Heart" Muscle

While research continues to explore the link between a sense of purpose and physical health, the idea holds promise. If you are interested in supporting Gustavus Adolphus College as part of your strategy for healthy living, contact Laurie L. Dietrich '80 at 507-933-6043 or ldietric@gustavus.edu.

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