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A charitable gift annuity is a unique type of donation that allows you to support Gustavus Adolphus College while providing steady payments to up to two individuals—such as yourself, your spouse, your parents or a sibling—for a lifetime. After the lifetimes of those receiving payments, the remaining assets are used to support Gustavus Adolphus College.

Gift annuities are particularly attractive if you would like to increase your cash flow, save taxes and desire the stability of fixed, regular payments that will not change—regardless of what happens in the economy.

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A CGA might appeal to you if:
  • You want a steady stream of income you can't outlive and the assurance that payments will not increase or decrease despite fluctuations in interest rates or stock prices.
  • You would like to avoid the capital gain on appreciated stock or mutual fund shares.
  • You are interested in financially supporting a loved one—such as a sibling or parent—in a tax-advantaged way.
  • You seek the confidence that, after your lifetime, payments will continue to the loved one of your choosing without the delay of probate proceedings.
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If you would like to speak confidentially and with no obligation about how a gift annuity might work in your situation, please contact Jackie Peterson at jpeters9@gustavus.edu or 507-933-7543.