How to Submit Expenses for the FTS Program

Each section of FTS will be allotted $75 for some type of meeting(s) that aims to build ties between students and their advisor or amongst students. Requests for support beyond this level should be submitted to FTS Director, Lauren Hecht (

If charged to a Wells Fargo card, expenses can be reclassified from the instructor’s department to FTS while reconciling the Wells Fargo statement:

  1. Select the charge, then hit the “Reclassify” button towards the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter the account number for FTS, which you can obtain by calling Jenny Rosin in the Provost's Office (x7675).
  3. Hit the “Save” button and submit your statement when you are ready.
  4. Send one copy of your FTS-related receipt(s) to Jenny Rosin and submit the original(s) to the supervisor of your Wells Fargo account (normally your department chair).

If not charged to a Wells Fargo card, expenses can be reimbursed with a Request for Payment form, available from your administrative assistant. Complete the form and submit it to Lauren Hecht along with the relevant receipt(s).