Sample FTS Courses

FTS courses introduce students to critical thinking and a discussion of values, and develops oral and written communication skills, through an investigation of a variety of topics. Some recent examples include...

Losing My Religion, Fall 2012 - Taught by Assistant Professor of Religion Sarah Ruble, this course examines religious skeptics and skepticism in America

Why Multi Matters, Fall 2012 - Taught by Associate Professor of English Becky Fremo, this course examines what it means to be "multi" (multilingual, multicultural, multiliterate) in our culture

Science and Religion, Fall 2012 - Taught by Associate Professor of Chemistry Scott Bur, this course examines the tensions between science and religion

Stories from the Source, Fall 2012 - Taught by Professor of English Eric Eliason, this course examines the ways artists, poets, novelists, philosophers and others have told or reprepresented stories they find in the Bible