Sample FTS Courses

FTS courses introduce students to critical thinking and a discussion of values, and develops oral and written communication skills, through an investigation of a variety of topics. Some recent examples include...

Fast Food and Politics, Fall 2021 - Taught by Professor of Political Science Kate Knutson, this course investigates public policies that affect the fast food industry and efforts by the fast food industry to influence politics.

Youth Sport in American Society, Fall 2020 - Taught by Associate Professor of Health and Exercise Science Hayley Russell, students in this course consider issues of access, racism, sexism, and classism in youth sport, and evaluate what is valued in youth sport.

Animal Minds, Fall 2020 - Taught by Associate Professor of Psychological Science Lauren Hecht, this course explores the similarities and differences between human and nonhuman animal minds in order to evaluate the "animal vs. human" perspective.