Individual Events

Interpretation Events

Dramatic Interpretation
Students interpret a piece of dramatic literature performed by one individual utilizing two or more characters.

Duo Interpretation
Two students interpret a cutting from a play.

Students interpret a poem or a selection of poems.

Program Oral Interpretation
Students interpret a themed program containing two of the three interpretive genres (prose, poetry, drama).

Students interpret a piece of prose literature using a manuscript.

Limited-Preparation Events

Extemporaneous Speaking
Students give a five- to seven-minute speech on a domestic, international or economic topic, delivered after a half-hour preparation period.

Impromptu Speaking
Students have seven minutes to prepare and deliver an impromptu speech, usually on a familiar saying or significant quotation; may also be an object or cartoon.

Public Address Events

After Dinner Speaking
Students deliver a humorous speech designed to entertain the audience while persuading or informing.

Communication Analysis
Students deliver a speech in which the speaker describes, interprets, and evaluates a speech or other rhetorical artifact.

Students deliver a speech that heightens the audience's awareness of some subject.

Students deliver a speech designed to persuade the audience.