Our Mission Statement

The Three Crowns


The Gustavus Adolphus College forensics program is named after Evan Anderson, the founding member of the Department of Communication Studies and the original sponsor of the Pi Kappa Delta Gamma Chapter at Gustavus. During his long and illustrious teaching career, Dr. Anderson won several national debate titles and he mentored generations of Gustavus students. We are indebted to his intellect, his compassion and his leadership of forensics at Gustavus.


The Evan Anderson Forum is a comprehensive, co-curricular forensics program that balances competition in individual events and debate with community service and scholarly activities. Firmly grounded within the liberal arts tradition, participation in forensics activities promotes the development of outstanding public speaking, oral advocacy, critical thinking and composition skills. Furthermore, The Evan Anderson Forum seeks to re-imagine the role and purpose of speech and debate programs by establishing itself as a model campus and community resource that facilitates debate and deliberation on matters of public concern. It seeks to leverage the expertise of its members to foster community dialog, promote ethical forms of conflict resolution, encourage civility and tolerance, and facilitate the open exchange of opposing political viewpoints in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
Forensics is an inherently interdisciplinary enterprise and students need not major in Communication Studies to participate in speech and debate activities. Our fundamental mission is to train students in "Pietho Kale Dakaia" or "the art of persuasion, beautiful and just." Please contact Dr. Phillip A. Voight, Director of Forensics, Gustavus Adolphus College, 800 West College Avenue, St. peter, MN 56082                   (507) 933-7369 or pvoight@gustavus.edu for more information about forensics at Gustavus.