Considering Forensics?

Are you a high school student considering doing forensics in college?


What is college forensics?

Simply put, its the college version of high school speech! We prepare speeches, and each weekend perform them in a competition.

Considering Forensics?
Considering Forensics?

How is high school speech different from college speech?

High school and college speech are actually very similar. We wear suits, work hard, attend tournaments every weekend, and have tons of fun. The tournaments are slightly different than in high school, depending on what state you are from. Our tournaments are usually two day, and have multiple "flights" for the different events. In college, we tend to travel farther than high schools usually do for competitions. We work toward the two national tournaments at the end of the year, NFA and AFA. One of the biggest difference is that in high school, it is rare to have more than two events, whereas in college a typical competitor will have 3 or more. Our time limit is 10 minutes, and in intepretation catagories we carry a black book with our scipt in it while we perform to show that what we are doing is interpreting, rather than acting.

Considering Forensics?

What are the differences in events between high school and college?

Events in high school speech vary a lot depending on what state you are in. The events we have in college are very similar to high school NFL events. In college, We have poetry, prose, drama, ADS, POI, Duo, CA, Informative, Persuasion, Extemperaneous Speaking, and Impromptu. To see event descriptions, click here.

Considering Forensics?

How much of a time commitment is college forensics at Gustavus?

College forensics takes quite a bit of time. We have team meetings once a week, and on an average week you are expected to do at least 4 peer practices as well as one coach practice. The good thing about practicing is that you can choose when to do it and schedule your own coach practices, so you can work around hard classes or other activities. There are also tournaments, which take up usually the entire weekend as well as occasionally friday nights. Tournaments are every weekend, however not everyone will travel to every tournament so you will have some weekends off.

Considering Forensics?

Can I be in college forensics and still participate in other campus activities (Choir, Band, CII, Theatre, different majors, etc)?

Yes! If you look at our team bio page you can see that our entire team has a wide variety of majors, including people who are pre-med and have notoriously tough majors such as physics and math. Gustavus offers a wide variety of activites, most of which are able to co-exist with forensics as long as you are organized and communicate with the coaches/directors of each organization. It is also possible to be on choir/band/theatre scholarship as well as the speech scholarship.

Considering Forensics

Do I have to audition to be on the Gustavus Forensics Team?

You do not have to to audition in order to be part of the team. However, you do have to audition to be on the speech scholarship. More information about the speech scholarship.

Considering Forensics?

What are college tournaments like?

College tournaments fall under two catagories. Some are considered a "swing", which is two seperate tournaments (often hosted by different schools) within the same weekend. There are also tournaments that run over the course of two days, but are only one tournament (one awards ceremony, etc). Some tournaments are two-flight two-round, meaning that you perform each event twice and there are two groups of events. There are also tournaments with three rounds, which have either 3 flights or two flights. Other than that, they are almost exactly the same as high school speech.