Fine Arts Student Schedule Handbook 2015-2016

Gustavus Office of Fine Arts 2015-2016 Student Staff Manual

Alan Behrends, Director of Fine Arts Programs
Telephone: 7013; email:

Welcome to the great & wonderful world of the performing arts! The Land of Oz, with you behind the curtain.

Although each student employment position is important to the College, few are as important to the public image of Gustavus as our work together in the Arts. It's important that the shows go on; it's equally important that we do a good job presenting them to the public. Always remember that you can greatly influence the quality of the performance experience for members of the audience. It's our goal to make it a positive experience while we are meeting the needs of students and faculty in music, theatre, dance and the studio arts.

Fine Arts Staff Information and Job Descriptions

DETAILS (some things you should know)

Staffing for all events will be assigned and placed on the staffing calendar.

  • You need to check the calendar to find when you are working.
  • If you can not work, you are responsible for finding a replacement and notifying the scheduling staff to make the change.
  • You will also need to notify the scheduling staff 6 weeks in advance that you can not work (i.e. you are cast in the play, dance or concert, etc.)

You will be responsible for watching the events’ staffing calendar for your assignment and meeting your responsibilities.

Events/Schedule Web address:

To be on the Fine Arts Staff, you will need to be available on the weekends to work events.

Alias: This is the username for the entire student staff. If you are looking for a sub to cover a shift, send an email using this username. When answering the person willing to work, it is helpful if you hit “reply to all” and then we all know the position is filled.

REQUIRED WORK WEEKENDS – You must plan ahead to be available on these weekends. Put these dates on your calendar today.

September 12 & 13 (training for all staff)

September 25, 26 & 27 (theatre in the Arb)

November 5 - 7, 20 - 22 (dance/concerts)

December 4 - 6 (Christmas in Christ Chapel)

December 11-13 (dance/concerts)

February 19 - 28 (theatre/concerts)

April 15 - 17 (theatre/concerts)

May 13 - 15 (dance/concerts)

Appearance/Dress Code
Please remember that your appearance is very important whenever you work events for this office. You speak for the entire Gustavus community when you are in front of the audience, when working fine arts events. Not allowed: blue jeans, sloppy clothes, tank tops, sports shoes, hats, or sweats. Please dress professionally, because you never know when you may end up on the stage in front of everyone!

Why do we require this?

Time Cards, etc.

You will be responsible for keeping track of your work hours.

Time-clock in Hillstrom Museum: We will be keeping the Hillstrom timecards in a cabinet alongside the time-clock. It will be your responsibility to punch in and out for each shift in the Museum. Please record your museum time on your color time card, as well as on the punch-in time card, to avoid confusion later. You may keep your museum timecard with you as long as you don’t lose it, or you may keep it by the time clock.

1. Keep track of your other hours on the color photocopies provided to you.

2. At end of the month, transfer this information to your account on Web-Advisor. Be sure this transfer takes place before the 2nd of the following month for payment on the 15th. If not, you won’t be paid for these hours during the next month. If the timecard is submitted to Financial Aid incomplete, it will not be paid until the following month. Generally, I will remind you, however, it is your responsibility to transfer your un-official time card hours to the WebAdvisor.

3. We'll begin the semester with a temporary schedule until all class schedules are set. If you have changes, you must let me know.

Once I receive all of your schedules, I will assemble the schedules for work for the remainder of the semester. **When you turn in your schedules, make note of all activities that will occupy your time, including when you plan on having lunch, so I can avoid scheduling problems.**

I don’t expect any need to stress discipline with my staff. However, if a problem occurs, I will give you one written warning. If the problem re-occurs, I will ask the Financial Aid office to terminate your assignment in this office. If this happens, you will not be re-assigned to another position on campus and the remainder of your student employment allotment will be cut from your aid package.

Smoking and possession or consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Schaefer Fine Arts Center. This includes the lobbies of the concert hall and the theatre. You may need to be firm when reminding concert or theatre-goers of this fact. Further, since you represent the office and the College while on duty, please refrain from drinking before you are working.


While the Hillstrom Museum is open, we are responsible for the artwork in the exhibition. We are also responsible for helping to maintain an atmosphere respectful and welcoming. It is necessary that you discourage any behavior that may damage the artwork. If you see anyone touching artwork, please remind them that this is not allowed and may damage the piece on display.

With the arrival of high profile exhibitions in Hillstrom comes hardcover catalogs of the works. Sales will be either by exact change or check. You’ll not handle a cash box. With cash sales, you may be asked to write out a receipt for the sale. Cash and checks will be deposited in a secure container near the desk.

1. Upon your arrival to the museum, check to see that all lights are on (or what the lighting directions are for that particular exhibit). Once you arrive, DO NOT LEAVE THE MUSEUM UNATTENED.
2. Walk through the museum several times each hour. Notify Al or Don Myers if anything is out of place.
3. Watch visitors (especially small children) to be certain they do not touch the art. Don’t be afraid to be firm.
4. Ask visitors to leave bags/coats/backpack in the coatroom. They may not carry them around the museum.
5. Do not eat or drink in the museum. This includes water bottles. NO beverages are allowed.
5. Do not eat or drink in the museum. This includes water bottles. NO beverages are allowed.
6. Please remember that the museum is not a place to socialize with your friends & classmates.

7. You should have a partner working with you. If not, let Al know.
8. At the opening or end of the day, please contact security to open or secure the museum and switch lights.


Recital Hall and Theatre House Manager
The house manager is responsible for every detail of the performance from opening the hall before the event to locking the doors following the performance and reception. Managers should plan to be in the hall a minimum of 1 hour before the event, and are responsible for controlling all aspects of the performance. The manager will get the staffing list off the website, and will keep attendance of events staff, and report to Al. The manager also has the authority to change staff assignments in the event a change is necessary. Managers are returning staff with experience working at events in a concert/theatre situation.

Box Office Manager & Team (University Tickets –

The Box Office Manager Team will be responsible for moving on-line ticket sales from the ticket center in the student center to Björling or the Theatre. The manager will be responsible for being available for all ticketed events during the year. He or she will select and train staff to learn the system and help with ticket sales. We indicate that reserved tickets need to be picked up 10 minutes before the performance. If there is a line to pick up tickets at that time, please announce that anyone with reserved tickets should come forward at that time to get them. You should sell reserved tickets only after all other seats in the house have been sold. Remain in the ticket booth until 10 minutes into the show. At that time you will complete a box office sheet, sign it along with the house manager and leave the tickets and cash in the box. Please be sure that the door is locked when you leave.

Recital Hall/Theatre Ushers
Between 2 (Björling) and 8 (Anderson) ushers are required for events. Ushers should plan to arrive at the recital hall 45 minutes before the event begins and at the theatre one hour prior to show time.

Ushers check tickets, distribute programs and help concert-goers locate their seats, as well as open and close the lobby doors for the performances. At least one usher must remain out in the lobby once the program begins, to ask late people to wait outside until there is applause. No one may enter the Hall or Theatre during a performance. If a reception is held following the performance, ushers will be asked to set the reception during the performance, and clear the lobby following the departure of all guests. Please do not remove reception food until the guests have left or the food is gone. Ushers are also responsible for “walking the house” following every event (picking up dropped programs and trash).

Björling Booth Editing
Booth Editors will edit recordings and produce archive cds of music events from the previous weekend. If you are interested in this assignment, please notify Al.

Recital Hall Stage Crew
For all concert events, we open and close the stage doors for the performers, make changes on stage as required before and during the performance. The crew is in contact with the house manager by using headsets stored in Björling booth. Following performances in the recital hall, the pianos should be on the stage, lids down and covered with the piano drape. The concert grand Steinways should be locked. The headsets should be returned to the recital hall booth.

Staff Writing & Design Assistants
Staff Writing & Design Assistants are responsible for assisting with posters, mailings, programs and other office duties. Members of the staff with InDesign or other design skills, or anyone interested in writing press releases and other short assignments, should notify Al.

Scheduling Staff

The staff will schedule events onto the web staffing calendar. You must let them know 6 weeks in advance if you have plans to be gone to a wedding, etc.

Recital Hall Lighting and Recording
We generally audio record each performance and provide standard lighting. House and stage lights are controlled from the booth, as is all recording. The house manager will be responsible for giving directions and cueing during the performance and can give instruction in the use of the equipment.

If you have any questions about any of these positions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We have a great staff and communication is so important!! Let’s have an awesome year!


Remember the contact email alias is:

At end of the month, transfer your hours to your account on Web-Advisor to be paid.

Staffing for all events will be assigned and placed on the staffing calendar.

Events/Schedule Web address:

If you can not work when assigned, you will be responsible for finding your replacement.


Do not eat or drink in the museum. This includes water bottles. NO beverages are allowed.

Dress code not allowed: blue jeans, sloppy clothes, tank tops, sports shoes, hats, or sweats