Student Employment Opportunities

in Community Service Center

Student Assistant
Community Service Center

Openings: varies

Positions in the Community Service Center are divided into three areas: Shuttle Driver, Office Assistant and Community Service Coordinator. All employees in the Community Service Center are encouraged to help foster a sense of teamwork and a fun office environment. In addition, all are encouraged to explore their own interests relating to community service and social justice.

Community Service Shuttle Driver -- Shuttle drivers are responsible for driving peers to their off-campus volunteer or student employment sites. Responsibility, self-discipline, mature judgment and driving skills are important in this position. Access to the shuttle van and training provided.

Community Service Office Assistant --- Office assistants are vital to the smooth functioning of the Community Service Center. Assistants provide information to prospective volunteers, answer telephones, welcome drop-ins, and assist coordinators and professional staff with publicity and other administrative tasks.

Community Service Coordinator -- After at least one semester as a volunteer or office assistant in the Community Service Center, you may apply for a coordinator position. Student coordinators work with professional staff members and community partners to plan, implement and assess both ongoing and one-time volunteer programs. Existing organization, creativity, teamwork and communication skills, or the willingness to develop them, are a must.


Federal, state, institutional, or special approval work study

Contact: Sara Sletten 507-933-6018