Student Employment Eligibility

First-year students awarded student employment are placed in open employment positions based on the needs of the College. Returning students who are awarded student employment as part of a financial aid package are eligible to work for any department approved to hire student employees.

The Financial Aid Office will determine who is eligible for an offer of renewal of student employment based on the following factors:

  • Students awarded student employment who have worked during the fall semester
  • Students who had contacted the Office during the fall indicating that they were only going to work in the spring
  • Students who initially enrolled at the College in January or February with a student employment award

These students will have agreements sent to their current employment supervisor(s) in late February. Students must then meet with their current supervisor(s) and either sign their agreement to work for the same department or interview with other departments. A signed agreement from the hiring department should be submitted as soon as possible.

The department who hires the students who are studying abroad during the spring receive their agreements in November in order to complete this process before the end of fall semester.

Students who are not automatically renewed to work include:

  • First-year students who were offered employment but declined to work
  • Students who were terminated from work by a supervisor during the year.
  • Students who were employed under certified skills or other special approval (these students must be requested back by the supervisor for a subsequent term or year).
    * Including tutors, lab assistants, GusLink and Admission callers, MarketPlace and custodial workers not offered student employment as part of a financial aid award.


  • Mid to late February: Agreements are sent to current supervisors, supervisor meetings held
  • Late February through March: Students must make contact with current supervisors to either renew their agreement or take their agreement and obtain a new position. Signed agreements are left with the supervisor to return to the Financial Aid Office.
  • March 25, 2016: Final deadline for departments to turn in student employment agreements. After this date, students without completed agreements returned to the Office will not be offered student employment in their financial aid awards. These students may inquire about openings in September after classes begin; decisions will not be made until late September. At that time, the Financial Aid Office may place them in open spots not filled by first-year students.