Facilities Management

Gustavus Adolphus College


The immigrants who founded our College in 1800’s placed it strategically on a hill! They were inspired by the early settlers who in the 1600’s envisioned a “Shining City Upon a Hill” in New England. Gustavus College is still on a Hill, and that will never change; however, it needs to shine and keep on shining. Our generation has inherited a physical campus comprised of infrastructure, grounds and buildings. Our generation does not only aspire to maintain the status quo but it will make the campus shine. We will make Gustavus Campus a sought after destination, a beacon of light and a model to others. A place where students want to come study and live in, where faculty wants to teach and where employees want to work.


The Facilities Management Department is dedicated to its mission: "to provide, maintain, clean and preserve a campus physical environment that will attract, keep and support the best and brightest students, faculty, and staff while welcoming alumni and friends and inspiring everyone to participate to the advancement of our College Mission."


Our community of students, faculty, staff and visitors enjoy and appreciate our campus physical environment. The Facilities Management team will address, proactively, our community’s facilities needs and will handle requests for services with courtesy, promptness and respect. The eyes of all people are upon us. As the stewards of the College resources, we must fulfill our responsibility to this community. Everyone in our team will bring the best attitude, give the best effort and interact with outmost respect with everyone we come across with. 

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