Frequently Asked Questions

Shop Talks

What is a Shop Talk?
The Shop Talk series provides a serious (though not solemn) forum for the presentation of original research and artistic creation by Gustavus faculty. Shop Talks aim to speak both to departmental colleagues and those in completely different disciplines.
What type of scholarly work is appropriate for presentation at a Shop Talk?
Any type of research, creativity, or scholarship is appropriate for presentation at a Shop Talk. While background information may naturally be provided, the primary focus of the Shop Talk must be the scholarly work that the faculty presenter has authored or created. Thus, a Shop Talk should consist of scholarship (adapted for a non-specialized academic audience) that would be appropriate for presentation at a disciplinary conference, recital, art exhibit, etc. The work that is to be presented need not be entirely complete as "work in progress" scholarship is also appropriate. A Shop Talk should, however, not solely be used to disseminate the work of others or to relate an interesting but non-scholarly experience or activity.
How long should a Shop Talk presentation last?
The best Shop Talk presentations are those that allow enough time for audience questions and discussion. Therefore, the "formal" presentation should last no more than 30 minutes. The entire Shop Talk is typically over in 50 minutes, though some may arrive a little early or stay a bit later.
When are Shop Talks held?
Shop Talks are held on select Friday afternoons at 4:30 p.m. See the Shop Talk web-site for this year's schedule (
Where are Shop Talks presented?
Shop Talks are generally held in the Lind Interpretive Center located on the southern edge of campus.
Who attends Shop Talks?
The audience for a Shop Talk typically consists of Gustavus faculty members and their guests. Gustavus staff and administration members are also welcome.
How many people typically attend a Shop Talk?
Shop Talk attendance ranges from 20 to approximately 60 people with a current average of about 35.
How many Shop Talks are there per year?
There are typically 10 Shop Talks per year (five in the fall and five in the spring), though some years may have a few more or a few less.
Who do I contact if I want to present a Shop Talk?
The current Shop Talk coordinator, Cathy Blaukat (
What audio/visual equipment is available for my Shop Talk?
All standard audio/visual equipment is available in the Interpretive Center (i.e. an overhead projector, 35 mm slide projector, data projector for Power Point presentations, etc.). If you are using Power Point for your presentation you must bring your own laptop computer to connect to the data projector. Additionally, if you are using a Mac please be sure to bring the correct adapter cable that goes between your Mac and the data projector.
Why should I attend a Shop Talk?
There are many reasons to attend a Shop Talk. These reasons include learning about and from colleagues in different disciplines, participating in stimulating discussions, and having an opportunity to interact socially with faculty members from across campus.