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POSITION *Office/Visitor Services Assistant *

*The Office/Visitor Services Assistant acts as the public face for the Creative Play Place.* *When working in Office Services will be responsible for working closely with and assisting director with all assigned office tasks as outlined in responsibilities including but not limited to greeting of visitors, PR tasks, data entry, and office management tasks. *When working in Visitor Services will be responsible for supervising and ensuring a safe, healthy, creative and caring environment for children and their families in which children can grow and develop.* Duties include opening and closing the Creative Play Place (lock up, lights, clean up), greeting all visitors and site contacts, signing in visitors, distributing and collecting information sheets and surveys, answering phone, selling merchandise, and handling class sign ups.

The Office/Visitor Services Assistant is responsible for administering the daily activities of the Creative Play Place when on duty - including: excellent customer service, supervision of play for safety, setting high standard for interactive play with children through example, teaching/participating in activities, retail operations, cleaning and maintenance of toys and site. The Office/Visitor Services Assistant is responsible for communicating ongoing Site information to the Executive Director via the log in notebook and by phone in important or emergency situations. This could include but is not limited to: phone messages, visitor questions, building issues, safety and health issues, monetary discrepancies, or other problems and concerns. Office/Visitor Services Assistant may occasionally participate in other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

Hours may vary, but primarily fall in mornings or afternoons and Saturdays, with occasional special event shifts in evenings or Saturdays.




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Posted: Tue Oct 3, 2017

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