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GIS Assistant - Assist in the GIS lab with data and instructional help. Must have completed GG 40 (GIS).

Map Library Assistant - Assist in providing service-oriented, para-professional care of the Map Library. File maps, index new maps, prepare displays, inventory collection, and prepare maps for inclusion on the PALS library cataloging system. Assemble maps for classroom use. Oversee wall map collection. Assist students and faculty in locating and checking out maps.

Climatological Assistant - Assist in operation of the Jacobson Climatology Laboratory. Receive, display, and file weather data and maps from satellites and over-land lines via modem. Monitor other instruments both in the room and on the roof of Nobel Hall. Help with Weather Board display and assist students as necessary. Some computer skills necessary. Must have completed Meteorology GG08.

Meteorology Lab Assistant - Assist in the labs associated with the Meteorology course GG08. Must have completed GG08.

Physical Geography Lab Assistant - Provide the instructor of GEG 105 Introduction to Physical Geography with aid in preparing and assisting students in the laboratory portion of the course. Must have complete the course.




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Posted: Tue Oct 3, 2017

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