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Purpose of the Office of the Chaplains:

The Office of the Chaplains seeks to accompany the entire Gustavus community in a solidarity that celebrates diversity and embraces connectedness. While grounded in the Swedish-Christian-Lutheran heritage of the college, we promote spiritual exploration through respectful inclusion and enriching dialogue in the context of global religious pluralism. In doing so, we seek to strategically integrate faith and spiritual development into learning and life for the sake of restoring communities through radical compassion and hospitality.


Purpose of the Chaplains’ Associate:

A Chaplains’ Associate should be attentive to the religious, spiritual and justice needs of the campus, and be supportive of religious diversity without compromising her or his own convictions. A Chaplains’ Associate must possess initiative, openness to the new or unfamiliar, a willingness to share and speak out about his or her own faith, an ability to listen to others, and an eagerness to grow.


Essential Functions of the Job:

· Attend weekly staff meetings with the other CAs and the Chaplain(s) to plan services, activities, and to share ideas.

· In the mornings, Monday - Friday, prepare and set-up for Daily Sabbath services in Christ Chapel or other locations on campus. Record attendance each day.

· Help keep Christ Chapel well-supplied, clean and organized.

· Develop special projects as assigned each term. Based on the CA’s interest, such projects might include retreat planning, managing our social media platforms, photography, event planning, graphic design (posters), leading a discussion or scripture study group, coordinating service projects or social justice activities, or arranging for “religious road trips.” Other projects form in response to the talents, interests, and imaginations of Chaplains’ Associates.

· Work one to four hours per week in the Office of the Chaplains to help with the details of promoting religious life at Gustavus, such as preparation for religious activities, events and publicity.

· Assist in facilitating student leadership and participation in services.

· Run the sound system and record Daily Sabbath and other services.  Turn recordings into podcasts and upload them to our website. 

· Meet with representatives of specific student religious groups on a regular basis to inform them of resources, events and activities. Keep the Chaplains informed about various student religious group events and activities.

· Assume responsibility for other tasks as assigned on an “as needed” basis.





Cyndi Berg | | 507-933-7001

Posted: Tue Oct 3, 2017

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