Getting Started

New Jobs System

Welcome to the new jobs system. View, create, and manage current and previous jobs. To get started find your office from the navigation menu, then select your desired function. Continue reading for a brief overview of the available actions.

Creating Jobs

Create new job listings. Only those job types for which you have access will be available. Once a job has been created, you can use the job management views to edit it's properties.

Managing Jobs

Edit or delete any existing job you have permission for. Change the title, job description, prerequisites, openings, type, contact information and all other available attributes. You can also use edit to deactivate a job by switching the Visibility to Private. This will remove it from all public views and only admins will be able to view and edit it until it's made Public again. Additionally, marking a job Private will close it's current Google folder and archive it. If you wish to keep the job publicly visible but not accept applications, just set the opening number to 0. For a complete overview of active/visibility settings please refer to the job configuration table below.

Available Job Configurations
Goal Openings Visibility
Job public and taking applications Number > 0 Public
Job public but not taking applications 0 Public
Job private and not taking applications Number >= 0 Private
Once marked private, jobs will only be available to those with permissions to edit and accessible via the Private Jobs view. They will not be shown in the Current or All Jobs views.

Viewing Jobs

These are jobs that are viewable by the general public, no permissions are required. Setting job visibility to private while editing will prevent them from showing up in these views.

Managing Permissions

From any job management dashboard, you can select a job to manage permissions for. There are two levels, Managers and Viewers. Managers will be able to set or change and applicant's status. Viewers will only be able to see the current status of an applicant. Please keep this in mind when assigning new permissions. In each field, you may add as many users as you like. Simply start typing a campus member's name or username and select the right person.

Receiving Job Applications

Once an applicant has applied through our application, their submission information and supporting documents will be stored in the job's Google folder. The active candidate search will be contained within the Open folder. Past searches are contained in the archived folder with the date indicating when the job was deactivated.

Hiring Committee

Committee members will need to be granted access to each job. Please contact human resources if you do not have access. Once granted access, hiring committee members may view all jobs they have access to via the Hiring Dashboard. Login with a Gustavus username is required. From here you can review the job posting, manage applicants, and view all applicants for the job directly in Google. Only the hiring manager will be able to set or change an applicant's status, all other members will only be able to see it.


I have an active job, how do I remove it from public view?

This is referred to as closing a job. To do this, simply set the active status to private while editing a job. This will prevent it from from showing up in the All Jobs and All Current Jobs listings. Additionally, this will close the Open folder which contains all applicant submissions received since the job was made active and move them to a folder called Closed-{todays-date}. Any previous permissions to this folder would still be in place, but users would see this new name.

Multiple closed folders may exist based on how many times a job is activated or deactivated. Any time a job is deactivated it will create a closed folder, anytime a job is reactivated it will make a new open folder.

Why can’t I change a job’s title after it’s been created?

In most cases, if you feel a job’s title needs to be changed it should probably be a new job. In some cases, such as in the event of a typo, it might be necessary to change the title.

This is a restricted ability. You will need to contact Web Services. Google Folders for a job are partially based on the title, so changing the title would create a new folder and any applications belonging to the old title may be lost. There is a specific process necessary to preserve data.