Teacher Licensure

Recommendation for Licensure

Licensure to teach in the public schools of Minnesota will be recommended by the department and the Registrar at Gustavus to the Minnesota Board of Teaching upon completion of all program requirements. Elementary majors who complete the program successfully are recommended for a K–6 All Subjects license and a 5–8 Single Subject Endorsement, if the 5-8 requirements in a specific content area are completed. Secondary Education Program students who successfully complete the program are recommended for either a 5–12 license, a 9-12, or a K–12 license, depending on the specific subject area. Candidates must complete all state licensure tests and requirements, including the edTPA, to be recommended for licensure. In the event that a graduating student is not recommended for licensure, the student may appeal to an Academic Dean, who will ask for a written statement from both the student and the Gustavus Department of Education prior to rendering a decision. The Dean’s decision will be final. The student may appeal an institutional decision to the Minnesota Board of Teaching. (MN Statute 122A.09, Subdivision 4c).