Leadership Committee

Gustie Entrepreneur Cup

Mission: Promote entrepreneurship at Gustavus by producing an annual student entrepreneurship competition and other affiliated events. 
We will promote entrepreneurship at Gustavus by producing the annual Gustie Entrepreneur Cup and other related events. Our members, each equipped with different skills, representing different backgrounds and majors, will work to engage the whole student body in this experiential learning opportunity. We will form a bond with the Entrepreneurship Club as the source of student engagement. Our officers will gain invaluable experience and life skills. We will rely on one of Gustavus’s core values of community to connect students with successful alumni entrepreneurs. Guidance from experienced and successful alumni will allow our students to acquire skills and knowledge that would otherwise take years of trial and error to master. No matter the vocational path our students select upon graduation, entrepreneurial skills will allow them to make unique contributions to their organizations and communities. We will drive the engagement of alumni in multiple roles: as speakers, coaches, and judges. To ensure that all Gustavus student have access to these opportunities, we will seek to assist Gustavus faculty in encouraging entrepreneurship across the campus and in forming interdisciplinary links and relationships.
If you are interested in joining the leadership committee, email Marta Podemska-Mikluch to learn more.

2018-2019 Leadership Committee

GEC Leadership Committee

Pictured left to right:
Amelia Vosen - Co-VP of Marketing
Judith Hepburn - VP of Event Logistics
Evan Johnson - Co-VP of Marketing
Alejandro Lalama - President
Gabby Rosati - Executive Vice President
Lanie Altman (not pictured)- VP of Alumni Outreach



Past Leadership Committees


Marta Podemska-Mikluch - Advisor
Russ Michaletz - Advisor
Erica Jenson '18 - President
Benissa Uwamwiza '18 - Executive Vice President
Parker Tinsley - Alumni Coaching Program Coordinator
Kofi Archer '17 - VP of Marketing
Lise Arakaza '18 - VP of Alumni Outreach
Ray Sajulga '17 - VP of Event Logistics
Jessica Le '20 - Assistant VP of Event Logistics
Tenzin Choenyi '18 - VP of Student Outreach
Clover Ly '20 - Assistant VP of Marketing