21st Annual Building Bridges Conference

Silver or Lead: Wealth and Violence in the War on Drugs

2016 Building Bridges Conference
March 5, 2016
Christ Chapel

This year’s Building Bridges Conference will focus on two major aspects of the War on Drugs: the effects of the United States Government's massive spending on drug-fighting efforts, and the role of United States Drug Policy in the creation of international and domestic violence. Through this conference, we hope to educate our community about the average US citizen’s proximity to instances of violence that may seem far removed from their daily lives, but nonetheless contribute to loss of life, liberty, and human dignity. 

About Building Bridges

Building Bridges is an annual social justice conference that takes place on the Gustavus Campus every March. It is completely organized and executed by students. Each year, the conference co-chairs choose a new topic to address an especially relevant social issue.  Past topics include: rape culture (2015), environmental justice (2014), and mass incarceration (2013). Now in its 21st year, this organization is committed to its mission of making the world a more socially just place.  

2015-16 Buidling Bridges Co-Chairs