Gustavus Services:
An alphabetical listing

Academic Advising

Gustavus Adolphus College strives to instill in students a capacity and passion for lifelong learning and encourages them to take an active role in their own education. To assist students in this intellectual and personal growth, each student is assigned a faculty academic adviser.

In the Curriculum I program, the First Term Seminar professor serves as a student's first academic adviser, while in the Three Crowns program, a professor who teaches in the program serves as a student's first adviser.

Some students are certain about their majors, while many are undecided. If students are certain and do not have an adviser from the department of their major, or if they have a pre-professional interest, they still have access to faculty from that department or a pre-profession adviser to talk with, in addition to their assigned adviser. Anytime after their first semester, students may declare their major and arrange for an adviser from their major department. If students are uncertain, they may continue with their original adviser. (Also see the "Declaration of Major" policy in the Academic Bulletin.)

Transfer students are assigned to transitional advisers until they declare a major and seek a faculty advisor from that department.

The mission of faculty-based advising goes beyond simply prescribing courses. Faculty and students talk about course choices, the integration of coursework and co-curricular responsibilities, possible majors, and developing an academic program that will be finished in a timely fashion and will lead to further study or interesting careers.

Advisers supply students with accurate information about the curriculum and on- and off-campus resources, guide students in the decision-making process, and are available to answer additional questions and process information.

Conversations with advisers often introduce students to new, intriguing, and possibly unfamiliar academic opportunities available in the Gustavus community. Equipped with such information, students are in the position to ultimately become their own best adviser, in charge of their decisions, and prepared to shape their particular college academic career according to their skills, values, and interests.

This faculty-based advising is supported by the Academic Advising Center and Career Development program within the Center for Servant Leadership, where fulltime counselors are available to discuss options and opportunities.

Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center, located in the Johnson Student Union, coordinates the faculty-based academic advising program, is a resource and support to faculty in their roles as advisers and teachers, and provides a number of services to help students make the most of their academic experience at Gustavus.

The staff is available to provide academic support (learning strategies, organization, and time management); to discuss reasonable accommodations for documented disabilities and a wide range of academic questions, concerns, and issues; and to refer students to faculty and other resources on campus (507-933-7027).


Regardless of how someone first hears about Gustavus, the Admission Office serves as a resource for all students. Admission counselors work closely with prospective students to ensure that there is a "match" between a student's abilities and goals and the educational experience Gustavus offers.

Current Gustavus students are an important part of the Admission process. Gusties serve as campus tour guides, overnight hosts, and may also phone prospective students. If you are interested in becoming involved in one of those areas, please contact the Admission Office in the Campus Center (507-933-7676).

Alumni & Parent Engagement

The Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement facilitates lifelong relationships by connecting alumni with Gustavus and with each other, and works to strategically engage alumni, parents and friends in mission central work of the College.

The College takes great pride in its alumni. In their professions and communities, they are witnesses to the value of their Gustavus education They are leaders and exemplify the College’s five core values of excellence, community, faith, justice and service. Gusties stay connected with other Gusties long after graduation. Alumni willingly assist others in the Gustavus network and have a strong sense of community.

The Alumni and Parent Engagement Team also works to identify, cultivate and engage alumni, parents and friends of Gustavus in programs which support current students. Shared interest groups and mentoring programs provide engagement opportunities and benefit Gustavus students.
 An Alumni Board of Directors, a class officer program and regional chapters maintain connections. . The Gustavus Quarterly and also a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and the Gustavus website are key connecting points for our community.

Class reunions and Homecoming activities support alumni and parent engagement. The Office promotes the Gustavus Annual Fund, and coordinates GusLink phone calling inviting gifts and soliciting news. Student philanthropy initiatives and a Senior Class Legacy program are organized to develop a culture of philanthropy.

For further information, contact administrative assistants Philly Kauffmann, at 507-933-7511, LuAnn Schloesser at 507-933-6664 or at

Book Mark

The Book Mark is your campus convenience store “with a whole lot more.” Located in the lower level of the Jackson Campus Center, it is the only place to find Gustie gear and imprinted gifts. Shop for school supplies, pick up a leisure read, satisfy that sweet tooth or replace your toothbrush. The Book Mark has what you need to make Gustavus your home away from home. It is also the place to shop for textbooks – offering exactly what your professor requires for class. Many textbook titles are also available for rent! Visit to learn more or call 507-933-7587. Store hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00 pm and most Saturdays 11am-3pm. Summer store hours are Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.

Campus Escort Service

Campus Safety "Safe Rides" Mobile Escort service travels a fixed route, stopping at 14 designated Safe Rides locations from 6:00 p.m until 1:30 am. Look for the SAFE RIDES signs at the designated pick-up points. More information and a map of pick up locations is available on the Campus Safety web page

Medical escorts, walking escorts, and escorts after 1:30 a.m. will need to call Campus Safety at 507-933-8888 to request an escort.

Campus Safety

The Department of Campus Safety is on duty 24 hours a day. Its mission is to provide the safest environment possible in which education may be pursued. Uniformed officers are responsible for residence hall, academic building, and grounds security; enforcement of parking and traffic issues; response to health and safety concerns; and supervision of student assistants in academic facilities. Officers are in constant radio communication with the St. Peter Police Department.

Located in the basement of "A" wing of Norelius Hall, Campus Safety also may be reached by calling 507-933-8888 or by calling the Police Department at 507-931-1550 and asking for Campus Safety's assistance.

Campus Safety Phones

To support personal safety, the College has installed external "Campus Safety" telephones. Located immediately northwest of Björling Recital Hall; south of Christ Chapel; near each of the College View, Arbor View, Norelius, Wahlstrom, and Campus Drive parking lots; on the shop road; at the northwest corner of Lund Center; on the east side of Anderson Social Science Center, and at the main entrances of all academic buildings and residential halls, the "blue light" phones provide callers with the option of directly dialing Campus Safety (for escorts, emergencies, or information) or calling 911 emergency services.

Center for International and Cultural Education

Gustavus encourages its students to include off-campus study in their academic plans and offers a variety of international and domestic opportunities.

The Center for International and Cultural Education (CICE) is located in the Carlson International Center. Students can explore the possibilities of a year, semester, or January Interim off-campus study.

For a complete list of approved programs, policies related to off-campus study, and application procedures, please visit the CICE website

Center for Servant Leadership

The Center for Servant leadership welcomes you to discover how you’ll answer the Gustavus invitation to “Make Your Life Count.” The college years – and your whole life – aren’t about just going through the motions, faster and faster, scrambling after “more.” They’re about pursuing a life of meaning, passion, and purpose, a life of courageous integrity and authentic connection, a life that makes a positive difference for those around you and for the communities and the planet we share. The Center’s many programs and resources help you to explore your calling to learn, live, and lead “from within” in ways that serve others and help to address the world’s deep needs. Centrally located on the main level of the Johnson Student Union, the Center is the “campus living room,” the place to gather for great conversation about things that matter and where you can turn as you discover how to make your life count.

“Vocation and Integrative Learning” focuses on discovering your calling, on discerning how best to live out your distinctive gifts, passions, and senses of faith and meaning in ways that benefit others. Vocation is everywhere in the CSL and at Gustavus: in the curriculum and classrooms; in the dining hall, post office, and library; in art studios, Christ Chapel, and labs; in residence halls, performance stages, playing fields, and the Arb; in moments of quiet solitude and energized debate, hard work and electrifying discovery, caring for friends and a passion for justice. “Community-based Service and Learning” focuses on building the necessary skills and capacities to serve and to lead, and builds upon the robust portfolio of 10 major ongoing service programs in the surrounding St. Peter community and several service-learning classes in the curriculum. It aims to build students' capacities to find meaning in service through reflection and to recognize how their gifts and talents can be used to create a more just society. ”Career Development” focuses on career planning, internships and career exploration, preparation for health professions, discernment and application processes for graduate school or service programs, and the job search process. It provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to manage career choices and discern fulfilling callings to meaningful lives of leadership, service, and work in the world. “Church Relations and Community Engagement” helps Gustavus to be both deeply rooted in our Lutheran tradition and radically inclusive of others’ deep rootedness in their traditions, nourishes our historic ties to the Lutheran church via the Association of Congregations, explores relationships with ecumenical and interreligious bodies, and extends opportunities for vocational reflection, service, career exploration, and liberal arts learning to off-campus constituents.



Chaplains Siri Erickson and Brian Konkol are available to see for personal counseling, assistance with religious or moral issues, or questions about the Chapel program. The Office of the Chaplains is located in Old Main 102 (first floor). Appointments may be made with Kathy Chalhoub, administrative assistant (507-933-7446), or by e-mail to the chaplains. Feel free to just stop by the office, too.

Chaplains' Office – Campus Worship Life

The scheduled services offered by the Office of the Chaplains in Christ Chapel include Daily Sabbath at 10 a.m., a brief pause between classes to pray, discuss, celebrate, revive and play. Other worship opportunites on campus are led by a variety of student gropus. The Chaplains' office is happy to assist students in finding and exploring spiritural communities.

People of all faith expressions are invited to attend and to assist with leadership as musicians, scripture readers, speakers, ushers, communion servers, cross bearers, or candle bearers. Students who wish to volunteer in chapel programs may complete the Chapel Volunteer Form at or contact Kathy Chalhoub in the Chaplains’ Office in Old Main 102.

Collegiate Fellows

Collegiate Fellows (CFs) are carefully selected upperclass students assigned to assist resident students in each living unit. CFs are trained to be familiar with the campus, faculty, resources, and campus processes and procedures, both residential and academic.

CFs have a variety of responsibilities: peer counseling, facilitating activities and programs that encourage community in the residential facilities, acting as general resources and referral agents, and working with the faculty to create learning opportunities. CFs work closely with Area Coordinators, and the Office of Residential Life, and Faculty/Administrators in Residence.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center works with Gustavus students to enhance their academic achievement and personal development. At times, students experience personal, relational, social, or academic difficulties they cannot fully resolve on their own, and find it helpful to talk to a licensed professional counselor about their concerns. In order to help students with such difficulties, the Counseling Center provides a variety of confidential services, including:

Individual Counseling – Students can meet individually with a counselor to discuss any personal problem they may have. Often students' concerns involve issues related to relationships, identity development, sexuality, family, depression, anxiety, violence, discrimination, grief and loss, socialization and isolation, food and body image, or chemical abuse. Content is not limited to these subjects.

Group Counseling – Therapy groups are offered in response to student need and interest. Some of the groups offered in the past have focused on topics such as developing healthy relationships, coping with grief, depression, food and body image concerns, surviving sexual assault and abuse, and sexuality and identity concerns. Content is not limited to these subjects.

Consultation – While maintaining confidentiality, counselors are available to consult with students, faculty, administrators, residence hall staff, and parents regarding student concerns.

Programs and Workshops – Throughout the year, the Counseling Center offers a variety of educational programs and workshop. Additionally, individuals or groups of students can request a specific program or topic to meet their particular needs.

Referrals – Students are referred to other campus offices for specific help in various areas. The Counseling Center also provides referrals to off-campus professionals or agencies for services not available at the College, and as appropriate depending on the nature of the concern.

How to Make Appointments – The Counseling Center is located in Room 204 of the Johnson Student Union and is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. If you wish to make an appointment, please drop by the office or call 507-933-7027.

Dean of Students Office

The staff in the Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for overall coordination of services to students, including counseling, alcohol and drug education, residential life, campus activities, health services, multicultural programs, and Campus safety. Because campus life outside the classroom is their particular responsibility, they are pleased to talk to students, and also to parents when they have questions regarding the College environment and student life. The Dean's responsibilities also include emergency response and assistance with personal matters - available 24 hours a day by calling 507-933-8888. The Office of the Dean of Students is located in the Jackson Campus Center.

Dining Service – Evelyn Young Dining Room

The Evelyn Young Dining Room is located on the upper level of the north end of the Jackson Campus Center. The dining room is served by the Gustavus Adolphus Market Place, which offers a wide selection of food and beverage choices to the entire Gustavus community.

Meal Plans – Students who reside in traditional residence halls are required to purchase a declining balance meal plan. Food and beverage items purchased in the Gustavus Adolphus Market Place will be deducted from this declining balance meal plan. All other students may elect to enroll in a declining balance meal plan or may make purchases with cash or check.
Complete meal plan information is available in the Student Accounts Office in the Carlson Administration Building or in the Dining Service Director's Office.

ID Cards – The Three Crowns ID Card will serve to access the student declining balance account. This card must be presented to the Market Place cashier each time purchases are made. ID cards are not transferable; only the card holder may use it to purchase items from Dining Service locations. Meal plan holders may, however, use their declining balance account to purchase items for visiting family members or guests as long as they accompany them.
For security reasons, accurate account access, and to expedite service through the cashiers, the Three Crowns Card must be presented to access declining balance accounts. Only one register in the Market Place will accept verbal ID number access for declining balance accounts. Verbal name verification will also be required.

Send-Out and Catering Services – The award-winning Catering Department at Gustavus Adolphus College can help you with arrangements for special meals and banquets. Contact the Catering Manager at 507-933-6245.

A food send-out request packet is available in the Dining Service Office. Briefly, food send-outs are available to all students, groups, and departments. Meals can be ordered for groups as few as 5 and as many as 500! A charge will be deducted from students who possess a declining balance account or will be billed to the group organizing the send-out. Please contact the Dining Service Office at 507-933-7608 for more details, and be sure to place orders at least seven days in advance.

Birthday Celebrations – Surprise a friend or treat yourself to a birthday cake from the Gustavus Bakery. The cost of the cake is determined by its type and size and may be charged to the student's declining balance account. To order, call 507-933-7608 or stop by the Dining Service Office.

General Guidelines

  • Please present your Three Crowns ID card to the cashier to make declining balance meal plan purchases.
  • Shirts and shoes are required in all Dining Service locations.
  • All customers bus their own dishes in the Evelyn Young Dining Room.
  • Theft of food items, silverware, glasses, dishes, etc., from any Dining Service location is not allowed. Violators will be referred to the College Security Office and will face disciplinary action.
  • Throwing items in any Dining Service location is not permitted.

Comments and Suggestions

  • Please direct all Dining Service related questions, comments, and suggestions to the Dining Service Director's Office or any of the Dining Service Supervisors in the Gustavus Adolphus Market Place.
  • Comments may be made electronically by sending an e-mail to

Disability Services

Gustavus Adolphus College is dedicated to providing for the needs of enrolled students who have documented disabilities. In so doing, a number of individuals and departments cooperate to ensure equality of opportunity and maximal participation in the College's educational programs.

The Disability Services Coordinator and Disability Specialist provide accommodations, consultations, referral, and direct assistance to students with disabilities. These professionals also serve as personal contacts and advocates for students wishing to discuss policies and procedures or who may have problems or complaints. Students with disabilities are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Disability Services Coordinator or Assistant Disability Specialist to identify individual needs within the campus environment and to discuss ways to meet those needs. The Disability Services Coordinator's Office is located in the Academic Advising Center in Johnson Student Union (Rm. 204), 507-933-7027. The Disability Specialist’s office is on the lower level of Johnson Student Union, room 106, next to the Womyn’s Awareness Center room.

Diversity Center and Office of Multicultural Programs

The mission of the Diversity Center and the Office of Multicultural Programs is to provide leadership and direction for the development, organization, and implementation of diversity initiatives on-campus as established by the College’s Commission Gustavus 150. The Diversity Center is committed to creating a learning environment that nurtures inclusion, multicultural competence, and intercultural sensitivity for all students, staff, and faculty and building a community of persons from diverse backgrounds who respect and affirm the dignity of all people.

The Diversity Center is located in the lower level of the Jackson Campus Center, room 101. It is the place “where you can be and are appreciated for who you are.” If you have any questions, or simply wish to say “hello,” please stop by during our normal office hours. The center is open from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Faculty/Administrators in Residence and Area Coordinators

Faculty/Administrators in Residence are live-in faculty members, administrators or staff members who promote community and facilitate the development of activities and programs aimed at specific audiences of students on campus.

Area Coordinators are Residential Life professional staff members who supervise Collegiate Fellows and Faculty/Administrators in Residence and monitor the environment in multiple residence halls. Contact the Area Coordinator in the Office of Residential Life (507-933-7529) if you have a roommate or maintenance problem, need emergency assistance, or have questions about living in your hall.

Faculty/Administrators in Residence
Name Focus Hall
Kate Knutson First-Years Sohre Hall
Heather Dale Sophomores Sorensen Hall
Glenn Lloyd Junior/Seniors Arbor View
Sujay Rao Crossroads Carlson International Center
Area Coordinator Name Area
Kevin Bruins Sorensen, North, Gibbs, Rundstrom
Alisa Dean College View, Arbor View, Chapel View, Southwest
Jordan Zahrte Norelius, Prairie View, Carlson International Center
Caitlyn Herby Uhler, Pittman, Sohre
Kyle Haiman (Asst. Director) ILS Core Value Houses

Student Accounts

Student Accounts is located on the upper floor of the Carlson Administration Building.

Students pay tuition, room, and meal plan fees at this office. Students may also make deposits of $50 or more into their declining balance campus account. The office will also cash checks up to $50 per day. Personal checks must be made to "Cash," and a current student ID must be presented. A $10 service fee will be added to each returned check and charged to the student account. Payments can be made and checks cashed Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. to noon and 1–4 p.m. The rest of the office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday–Friday.

Cash machines are available for use by students who have cash cards or credit cards. Two machines are located in the lower level of the Jackson Campus Center near the Book Mark.

Financial Aid

Gustavus admits students on the basis of academic and personal promise and without regard to their ability to pay. Once a student is admitted, Gustavus is committed to helping students and their families finance their education through grants, scholarships, loans, and student employment. Gustavus awards both need-based and merit-based assistance. This policy helps to ensure that Gustavus will always be accessible to talented students from the widest possible range of backgrounds. Applicants from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds may be eligible for need-based aid. We understand that each family has unique circumstances that may warrant financial assistance.

Most financial assistance is awarded on the basis of documented financial need as determined by filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The amount of aid a student can expect to receive is based on five major factors: 1) parents' income; 2) parents' net assets; 3) number of household members; 4) number of household members enrolled in undergraduate, post-secondary education; and 5) student summer earnings and savings. The Financial Aid Office does not guarantee that the demonstrated financial need will be 100 percent met through aid offered. However, every attempt will be made to ensure an aid offer will be made to families to help close the gap as much as possible. Financing options such as a monthly payment plan or private alternative loans may be necessary to make Gustavus affordable for some families.

Students who have any questions or concerns about financial aid are encouraged to visit with Dean of Financial Aid Doug Minter or Associate Dean Kirk Carlson. For more information, please refer to the Financial Aid Policy.

Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library

The library is a place to study, work on research projects, read just for fun, and explore “life, the universe and everything.” Some areas in the library are places to socialize and do projects, including reservable rooms with large computer screens for groups to work together. If you’re looking for a quiet place, the third floor is the place to go. There are over 300,000 books on the shelves – and every book published in English between 1473 and 1700 in electronic form. With databases, scholarly journal collections, government documents and audio visual materials to choose from, you may need some help. Research assistance from experienced and friendly reference librarians is available during most of the hours that the library is open, online or in person.

Students may borrow books for six weeks, with another six week renewal possible – or you can check books out for the entire summer. Books in the browsing collection (a small collection of popular titles) can be checked out for four weeks. Journals and magazines can be checked out for a week and videos overnight. If we don’t have a book or article that you need we can borrow it from another library with a little advanced warning.

Hours can be found on the library’s website (, along with resources for courses and majors, information on how to cite sources, reserve rooms, and more.

Institutional Review Board

Gustavus Adolphus College acknowledges the value of conducting research using human subjects for the purpose of advancing basic knowledge and furthering undergraduate education. The College also accepts its responsibility to ensure adherence to all state and federal regulations governing human subject research as well as to applicable standards of professional ethical codes. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is authorized to review and approve all research involving human subjects conducted under the auspices of the College and is responsible for overseeing the rights and welfare of all subjects. Contact David Menk, Director of Institutional Research, or for additional information.

Lund Center

Lund Center is the largest building on campus. Its four major activity areas include Lund Arena, featuring the Don Roberts Ice Rink, home to Gustavus hockey and other recreational ice activities and a general activity area when the ice is removed; the Aquatic Center, featuring a 25-yard by 25-meter pool; the Sponberg Gymnastics Studio; and the Forum, which includes a 3,000-seat performance area for basketball and volleyball (Gus Young Court), a 200-meter competition track, and ample space for classes and intramural and recreational activities. Racquetball courts, strength training and aerobics areas, dance classrooms, and support service areas are located throughout Lund Center to provide optimum use for students and staff.


Warren Wunderlich, Director of the Physical Plant, supervises all repairs, maintenance, and capital improvements at Gustavus. To request or alert staff to needed cleaning or repair, 507-933-7504 or follow the Web page link,, and click on "Request a Repair." This link can also be found on the Residential Life Web page at Urgent or emergency requests should be phoned to 507-933-7504 Monday–Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., and after hours to Campus Safety at 507-933-8888.

Marketing and Communication

The Office of Marketing and Communication is responsible for shaping and telling the College’s story to its many constituencies. Its goals are tied to the Institution’s mission and strategic goals. The office takes the lead in identifying and articulating the core messages and images that the College clearly and consistently uses to spotlight the value of the Gustavus experience.

The Marketing teamoffice works closely with Admission and Institutional Advancement, as well as all areas of the College to advance the mission and reach out to people who can be meaningfully touched by the College and who, in turn, can contribute to the life of the College.

The office comprises staff and functions that include design, photography, media relations, editorial services, special events/public affairs, sports information, strategic communication, integrated marketing, and crisis communication.

The Marketing and Communication Office is located in the Lundgren House on the north side of campus. Visit our website at to view the College’s brand or style guidelines, to enter a request for a design project, to fill out an online photography request form, and more. The general office phone number is 507-933-7520.

For communications assistance or advice, including but not limited to storytelling, publications, image, messaging, advertising, and promotions, call 507-933-7520 or e-mail

Event Services

Event Services is a function of the Campus Activities Office which provides two major kinds of support to all campus events happening outside of the classroom: technical expertise, equipment, and support as well as set up and tear down services. The main office is located in the back of the Gustie Den on the lower level of the Jackson Campus Center and has regular business hours. In addition, student staff are scheduled/on call evenings and weekends.

To obtain event services for a program or presentation, make sure to indicate your anticipated needs when making a room reservation in the Jackson Campus Center, Johnson Student Union, Lund Center, Christ Chapel, or Bjorling Recital Hall. If your event is in another space, you should submit your request via an event request form at In addition to Event Services, the Audio Visual area on the first floor of the Folke Bernadotte Library serves as the distributing agency for AV materials including video cameras, webcams, videos, DVDs, films, slides and audiocassettes.

Notary Public

Notary services are available to students in the Finance, Financial Aid, Student Account, and Registrar's offices. You must present a valid picture ID.

Peer Assistants

The Peer Assistants are peer educators who work to identify student needs, coordinate ideas and suggestions, and assemble informational programs that support the Gustavus community in matters concerning alcohol/drugs, sexuality, and other lifestyle issues. To accomplish their goals, the PAs work with other campus organizations and faculty both in and outside the classroom. Additionally, the PAs staff the Peer Assistance Center, where they provide peer education, referrals, and literature on lifestyle issues. For more information about the program and its services, contact the PAs at 507-933-7607.

Peer Education and Chemical Health

The Office of Peer Education and Chemical Health staff provide information and consultation about alcohol and other drug use and abuse, and other lifestyle issues. The staff is available to make referrals to on- and off-campus resources. The office also serves as a center for peer education including the Peer Assistants, Student Athletes in Volunteer Endeavors (SAVE) and onGUARD. The general office phone number for this office is: 507-933-7607.

Print and Mail Services

Print and Mail Services is a place of service to Gustavus students, faculty, staff and administrators and the off-campus community. The department includes Print Services, the College Post Office and Mailroom. We are located on the lower level of the Jackson Campus Center and are open daily Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are closed on weekends and College holidays.

Print Services
Print Services offers black/white and high resolution copies and digital color printing. We accept print files by email or flash drives on-site. Complete finishing services are available. Self-serve copying is available during business hours.

Paper stock, transparencies and mailing labels are available for purchase. College letterhead is provided to authorized departments.

To order paper for copy machines and printers call the Physical Plant (507-933-7504). Paper is delivered in full cartons only and is charged to your department.

Print Services offers photo prints on Kodak photo paper. Templates for greeting cards, thank you cards, and calendar are available.

Post Office
Stamps, packing materials and mailing supplies are available for purchase. Stamps may be ordered online through the website ( and charged to your campus account. We also recycle packing materials. When available, recycled materials are available at no charge.

The College Post Office offers United States Post Office and FedEx as shipping options.

A full range of mailing services are available including metering, presorting, addressing, CASS certification, NCOA certification, folding, stuffing, stamping, tabbing and variable data printing. Please contact the Mailroom at 507-933-6062 to discuss your mailing request.


Any questions students have about registration can be directed to the Registrar, Kristi R. Westphal, or the Assistant Registrar, Mary Gunderson. The Office of the Registrar serves as the official organizer of all classes, class schedules, and class locations. In addition, all student records (i.e., grades, enrollment, and statistical data) are maintained by the Registrar. The Registrar's Office is located in the Carlson Administration Building.

Residential Computing

All residence hall rooms are networked with Ethernet ports, allowing students the option of connecting their personal computers directly to the Gustavus network and the Internet. Most residence halls spaces are also able to access the Gustavus wireless network.

Computer labs are located in every residence hall. The labs contain a mix of Macintosh and Windows-based computers. All labs are connected to the high-speed campus network and are equipped with local laser printers for student use.

Residential Life Office

The Residential Life Office (located in the lower level of Jackson Campus Center) provides information on and coordination of residential services including housing assignments, room changes, selection and training of all residence hall staff, personal counseling, activities and programs, and policy development and enforcement for the residential living system. The Director of Residential Life is responsible for all aspects of on-campus living.

The Residential Life Office administers the Collegiate Fellow program. For further information or assistance in solving your housing problems, contact the Residential Life Office online online (, by phone at (507) 933-7529 or in person. (See also “Faculty/Administrators in Residence” and “Collegiate Fellows.”)

Campus Activities Office

The Campus Activities Office serves the campus as a resource for student leadership and programming. The Director and Assistant Director assist organizations in developing high-quality programs, planning budgets, and assessing interests of organization members. In addition, the office coordinates New Student Orientation, Fraternity/Sorority Life, the Gusties in Ongoing Leadership Program, and Family Weekend. The Campus Activities Office is also responsible for the Information Desk/Ticket Center and coordinates reservations for meeting rooms in the Jackson Campus Center and Johnson Student Union.

Student Health Insurance

Changes to student health plan regulations and the Affordable Care Act issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have resulted in reconsideration of offering a voluntary health plan to Gustavus students. The college no longer offers a supplemental health care coverage plan to students. Students will still be required to provide evidence of your health insurance coverage to the college.

Since the college health care plan is no longer available, options for you to consider include:

  1. Staying on or enrolling in your parents health insurance (you can do this through age 26)
  2. Purchase your own coverage through a private vendor
  3. Applying for state medical assistance through the county in which you live

Additionally, here are some websites that can be helpful in exploring your options.

Student Health Service

The College maintains a Student Health Service, which provides care and/or referral for acute medical needs, including acute illness and injury, physicalexams, sexual health, mental health, minor procedures, prescription medications, immunizations, etc. The Health Service promotes and provides quality health care and education, while enhancing healthy lifestyles. Certified mid-level providers, nurses, and office staff are available Monday through Friday at the Health Service, which is located on the lower level of the Jackson Campus Center. A registered dietitian is also available for consultations. Appointments for all services are encouraged. During evenings and weekends, River’s Edge Hospital (located in St. Peter) has an Urgent Care and Emergency Room for urgent/emergent needs.

Office visits with a provider will be billed to the student’s health insurance. Any remaining balance owed will be billed to the student account. Each student is required to carry a current insurance card to present to the Health Service at the time of an office visit. Students are encouraged to check with their insurance carrier regarding coverage in the St. Peter area. Visits with a nurse or the dietitian are free of charge.

The Student Health Service aims to meet all student medical needs. Please call 507-933-7630 with questions or to set up an appointment. Further information about the Health Service and health education links may be found on the Gustavus website at

Swanson Tennis Center

The Swanson Tennis Center provides opportunities for year-round tennis in a 65-foot-high air structure. The center features natural and indirect lighting, six championship courts, and ample spectator viewing. The Swanson Tennis Center is home to the Gustavus men's and women's varsity tennis teams and also serves the recreational tennis needs of Gustavus students, faculty, and staff, and the regional community. Faculty and staff receive a 50 percent discount for court use, and Gustavus students can play for free. The Aasen Classroom and Ylinen Lounge serve as classroom and meeting space. Call 507-933-6185 for a current schedule of open tennis hours.


The Campus Switchboard, (507) 933–8000, is located in an adjacent office, Rm 026, of the Telecommunications Department in the lower level of Olin Hall. The Switchboard Office is open to provide fax and call assistance Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and is closed on Sunday.

Technology Services

Gustavus Technology Services, located in Olin Hall, is the source for all academic and residential computing at Gustavus. The department supports and manages all campus computer labs and the network. It also manages campus e-mail accounts, network storage space, webspace, campus networking, and student computing.

The campus network provides faculty, students, and staff access to any of the campus computing resources and the Internet from any networked computer on campus, including the residence halls.

Computing labs for student use are located in residence halls, academic buildings, Lund Center, the Jackson Campus Center and the Library. The labs contain a mix of Macintosh, Windows, and Linux-based computers. Many of the labs are high-tech classrooms with a teacher workstation and projection system for instruction. Most academic buildings also house discipline-specific labs with specialized software, used by the departments for classroom instruction. Department labs can be found in Physics, MCS, Music, Art, Communication Studies, English, Modern Languages, GTS, Health and Exercise Science, Education, Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology. Public laser printers are available in nearly all the computing labs on campus.

A Multimedia Center is maintained within the Olin Hall lab, which provides hardware and software for work with high-end digital audio and video, scanning, and other digital resources. The Olin Hall lab is also home to the Computer Helpline. The Helpline is the primary point of contact for all computer-related questions, problems, and concerns. The Helpline can be reached at 507-933-6111 or


The Telecommunications Department provides telephone, voice mail, and fax service for the College. Students should contact the department for any questions on telephone use, including service and repair, authorization codes, voice mail, payments, and rates for long-distance calling and fax service. Office hours are 8 a.m. – 4:45 p.m., Monday –Friday. The Telecommunications Office is in the lower level of Olin Hall (Rm. 027).

Ticket Center

Tickets for many campus events are sold at the Information Desk in the Jackson Campus Center. Tickets may be purchased in-person or by calling the Information Desk at 507-933-7590. Most tickets are also available on-line at

Gustavus employees and current students are required to create an account at in order to receive complimentary or reduced priced tickets where applicable. See the Student Activities Office listing for additional information.

Writing Center

Not all students are prepared equally well for the various academic writing tasks they might encounter at Gustavus. The Writing Center, located in 232 Confer Hall (507-933-6027), recognizes that differences of preparation, proficiency, and linguistic and cultural background need to be taken into account in helping students to become more effective writers. We believe that writers benefit from conversation about writing at all stages—planning, drafting, revising, and editing—and the Writing Center staff, undergraduate peer tutors from across the curriculum, understands that writers encounter these stages with differing degrees of strength and comfort. The Writing Center provides individualized tutoring sessions on-site, either by appointment or on a walk-in basis, to students from across the college. We also provide workshops and educational opportunities via the Diversity Center, first-year student residence halls, and other locations.

Students can make appointments directly via WCOnline, our online scheduling service. Simply visit our Web page at to find out when we're open, who's on staff this year, and how to schedule an appointment.

English Language Learning (ELL): Support is also available in the Writing Center for individual meetings with ELL students and for consultation with faculty members who have ELL students in their classes. The College's ELL staff person can provide a letter for a student to bring to his or her instructors that explains and supports test-taking accommodations, leaving it to the instructors' discretion whether or not to follow the recommendation. It is expected that competency will develop in students' beginning semesters of enrollment.