Emergency Numbers

If you use a campus phone to call an non-campus number, remember to press "9" before dialing the number.

Gustavus Campus Safety: Ext. 8888 or 507-933-8888
(Or, call the St. Peter Public Safety Dispatch at 507-931-1550; Campus Safety personnel carry radios tuned to the police frequency so they may be reached when away from their office.)

Ambulance: 9-1-1
Remember to dial 9, then the number, when calling off-campus from a campus phone (e.g., dial 9, then 9-1-1). The St. Peter Public Safety Dispatch at 507-931-1550 can also contact ambulance personnel.

River's Edge Hospital (St. Peter): 507-931-2200
Fire Department: 9-1-1
Dean of Students Office: 507-933-7526
Health Service: 507-933-7630
St. Peter Police: 507-931-1550
Residential Life: 507-933-7529

Road Condition Information: 511
Local conditions: 1-800-388-2985
Statewide report: 1-800-542-0220

Sheriff (Nicollet County): 9-1-1
(The 9-1-1 emergency system in St. Peter rings at the Nicollet County Sheriff ’s switchboard.)
St. Peter Clinic-Mayo Health Systems: 507-931-2110
Mankato Clinic @ Daniel's Health Care Center: (St. Peter) 507-934-2325

If you remember only one number other than 9-1-1, make it St. Peter Public Safety Emergency Number (507-931-1550).

A number of emergency services—ambulance, fire department, police, as well as Gustavus security personnel—may be reached efficiently through the dispatcher. Dialing 9-1-1, the universal emergency system (which also serves as the local ambulance dispatch), will link you locally to the County Sheriff’s office.