Apply to be a Tutor

Tutor/Assistant Position

Watch this short video and then read more about the position below:

  • Develop your ability to effectively tutor and interact with others.
  • Further develop your language proficiency.
  • Gain valuable experience for your résumé and future employment.
  • Flexible Scheduling.
  • Standard Gustavus student employment hourly pay rate.

Desired Skills:

  • Advanced level fluency (or higher) in the tutoring language. See NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-do Benchmarks.
  • First hand cultural experience related to the tutoring language.
  • Ability to clearly and accurately explain grammar of the tutoring language.
  • Hard working, honest, reliable, and personable.

Some primary duties and expectations may include:

  • Tutor individuals or small groups.
  • Help students develop their skills in conversation, reading, pronunciation, grammar, writing, and other needs.
  • Help with grading or other needs from professors / instructors teaching the target language.
  • Manage a personal tutoring calendar.
  • Produce feedback for professors on tutoring sessions.
  • Participate in training through periodic meetings and other approaches such as classroom observation.
  • Communicate effectively with superiors and other tutors.
  • Arrive on time to shifts, responsibility manage your time.

Some secondary duties may include:

  • Develop your skills in the target language and as a tutor through reading and other activities.
  • Help with tasks, projects, or other needs of the Culpeper Language Learning Center.
  • Help with other needs from the MLC department.