Meet with a French Tutor

Azie 7-8pm, Hillary 8-10pm
Hillary 7-9pm, Azie 8-9pm, Amy 8-10pm
Azie 6-8pm, Amy 8-10pm
Hillary 7-9pm, Kalyna 8-10pm
Azie 6-8pm, Kalyna 6:30-8:30pm

This is a picture of Azie Foncha.

Azie Foncha

I'm Bertille Foncha but I go by Azie. I am from Cameroon West Africa and I've been in the United States for about four years now. I am a Health Fitness major and I'm thinking about going into Physical Therapy later mainly because I like the whole concept of caring for people and I will love to work in that kind of setting. I love Dancing, singing and hanging out with friends. I also like making new friends.

This is a picture of Hillary Sabourin.

Hillary Sabourin

Hi! I'm Hillary. I'm a Sophmore from Quebec, Canada. I'm part of the gymnastics team and one of the officers for French Club. I'm a French Major and possibly a Secondary Education Major. I like dancing and athletics and I'm not very artistic. I love to meet new people and, most people call this my pass-time, I love to talk. I hope to see you at my French tutoring hours!

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