Equivalency Exams

Language Learning through Technology at Gustavus

Partial Screenshot of the French Equivalency ExamBeginning in 2012 the Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department saw fit to revamp the way equivalency testing was done for Spanish, French, and later German. This is done in a two stage process, first with a computerized equivalency exam, followed by an oral interview. Previous to this, results from an online computerized placement exam were used for equivalency testing. This was problematic however, because while the placement exam gives a general idea of where a student should be placed, this does not necessarily show that the student has achieved sufficient proficiency in the language to show equivalency at the desired level.

Key Tools / Technologies:

  • Moodle, or other tool which allows creation of computerized testing.
  • Safe Exam Browser is used, instead of a more standard browser, to avoid issues with academic dishonesty.
  • Google Forms is used for student registration previous to the exam. 

Pedagogical Rational:

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