COVID Response Planning

The College created a structure to provide on-going response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is anticipated this will be needed until at least May 2021. During the rest of the COVID outbreak, this structure will replace the Infectious Disease Committee and Infectious Disease Executive Committee as those members and their work are incorporated into this new structure.

The COVID Leadership Team developed safety phases (green-red) and criteria that will be monitored to indicate when to move to the next phase. Learn more about the safety phases and gating criteria.

The COVID Response plan was develop through the work of twelve action teams which involved 125 faculty, staff, and students.

This structured approach consists of several teams with specific work, responsibilities, and decision-making authority.

President’s Cabinet
  • Provide the purpose and timeline for the work
  • Approve final recommendations for implementation
  • Communicate progress to Gustavus community (employees and students)
COVID Response Leadership Team

Barb Larson Taylor - chair, Jolene Christensen, Charlie Potts, Heather Dale, Travis Jordan, Tami Aune, Steve Kjellgren, Scott Bur, Brenda Kelly, Curt Kowaleski

  • Create the process for developing a plan for fall semester
  • Identify community, state, and campus triggers that will be monitored that could lead to plan adjustments
  • Provide direction for the Action Teams - outline the work needed and timeline for completion
  • Ensure the recommendations are in alignment with our mission, core values, and guiding principles
  • Ensure the College maintains alignment with the MN Department of Health and other guidelines
COVID Response Action Teams 

Provide informed ideas for the specific action team recommendation

Prevention, Screening and Etiquette Action Team
Chair: Jessica Braun
Members: Nicole Goebel, Bryan Messerly, Jerry Nowell, Julianne Watterson, Heidi Meyer, Scott Meyer, Sarah Bridges, Kaitlyn Brey (student) 

Prevention Equipment Action Team
Chair: Mary Westby
Members: Kelli Miller, Kris Hank, Tim Sisk, Erin Kuiper, Angie Archer, Deb Swanberg, Jenny Rosin, Ann Johnson, Katelyn Fischbach, Gracie Willaert (student)

Testing, Monitoring and Response Planning Action Team
Chair: Nissa Fell
Members: Carol Brewer, Jenny Schmidt, Danny Sandberg, Jessica Stadick, Matt VanFossen, Steve Bennett, Hailey Kennedy (student)

High-Risk Groups Action Team
Chairs: Jane Lalim and Hannah Godbout
Members: Jeff Anderson, Jean Noren, Maggie Falenschek, Glenn Kranking, Tom Flunker, Jesus Hernandez, Katie O’Brien (student)

Academic Learning Spaces Action Team
Chair: Valerie Banschbach
Members: Tami Aune, Kyle Chambers, Hailey Concepcion (student), Kristi Westphal, Dale Flemming, Laura Boomgaarden, Michelle Twait

Residential Life Action Team
Chair: Anthony Bettendorf
Members: Lisa Octigan, Chelsea Boyden (student), Holly Fitterer (student), Nick Sonsteby, Laura Doherty, Shannon Zellmann

Dining Service Action Team 
Chairs: Margi Willmert and Jeri Miller
Members: Kevin Birr, Bob Schlueter, Margit Bren, Zoe Haugen (student), Dave Maas, Lisa Heldke, Jen Donkin

Athletics Action Team
Chair: Kari Eckheart
Ideas for Members: Brett Petersen, Jeff Owen, Laura Burnett Kurrie, Hayley Russell, Joe Punnoose (student), Peter Maiers, Lindsay Vogel, Aimee Johnson, Troy Banse

Fine Arts Action Team
Chairs: Elizabeth Kubek and Justin Knoepfel
Members: Brandon Dean, Betsy Byers, Matt Rightmire, Mara Klein, Anna Lundeen (student), Don Myers, Marni Dunning, Jennifer Vickerman

Campus Events Action Team
Chair: Andrea Junso
Members: Amy Brown, Angela Erickson, Sydney Stumme-Berg (student), Dan Oachs, Jodi Maas, Ann Volk, Andrew Coston, Theresa Naumann, Phil Voight

Campus Visitors Action Team
Chairs: Ann Sponberg Peterson and Wendy Bachman
Members: Scott Moeller, Sonja Timmerman, Chris Gilbertson, Grady St. Dennis, Molly Yunkers, Elizabeth Drake, Jess Franta, Lindsay Powers, Evie Doran (student)

Cultural Adaptation Action Team
Chairs: Laura Herbst-Johnson and Kathy Lund Dean 
Members: Megan Ruble, Brianne Twaddle, Amy Pehrson, Corrine Stremmel (student), Amy Mukamuri, Ruth Lin, Jeff Jeremiason