Move In & Fall Schedule

Safety Phase Orange - Fall Reopening

At Gustavus, the strength of our community has always been one of the College’s defining characteristics. This fall, we will lean on that community more than ever. Every day, in every interaction, it will be the responsibility of each of us to follow good public health practices to keep each other safe. We must build a culture of mutual care and concern that guides our behavior. While this will require sacrifices from each of us, and it may not be easy at times, we will do it together for the wellbeing of our community. 


We are planning on returning students arriving back campus on September 25, 26, and 27. In order to help maintain physical distancing on campus we will be requiring you to sign up for a time slot to move in. We would ask that you coordinate with your roommate(s) to book arrival at different time slots in order to maintain social distancing with helpers you might be bringing to help you move in. In order to sign up for a move in time, please visit:

Sign up by September 18, 2020.
Your housing assignment and roommate information should be posted to your housing portal:

When you arrive on campus on the date/time of your move in, you will:

  • Pick up your room key at our check in table in the lower level of the Jackson Campus Center.
  • Move your belongings into your room.
  • If you would like to order a loft, you can do so at
  • If you have storage you need to retrieve, a duty number will be posted for on-call access 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. on 9/25-9/27.
    • Your storage will be at your *Spring* residence hall (Arbor View belongings will be at College View). If you ordered a loft they will be available for pick up on Saturday, September 26th from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. 

**IMPORTANT - we are getting this information out to you, so that you can plan ahead. Please be aware that the College will be making an announcement by September 18 about if returning students will come back to campus, and what the rest of the semester will look like. We will adjust based on the plans that are shared at that time. 

For either option, please review the following guidelines:

  • Students will be limited to two helpers from their household for moving in and dropping off items.
  • Student and helpers will be required to wear facial coverings during move-in
  • We discourage bringing large furniture or more belongings than can be moved by self should they have to leave campus again, and to limit the number of trips/helpers needed.
  • Communal vacuums will not be available during this academic year - consider bringing your own personal cleaning supplies for your room (public areas will receive regular cleaning services).
Fall Schedule

In consultation with faculty leadership, the College has made several modifications to the Fall 2020 academic calendar that are listed below. 

  • The College will begin fall classes on Wednesday, September 2.
  • All other students will complete the first three and a half weeks (September 2-September 25) all classes will be online with the exception of First Term Seminars and CUR-100—Transformations, Values, & Identity, which will be taught in their currently planned instructional format.
  • Classes will take place on Labor Day, Monday, September 7.
  • A decision about course delivery for the rest of the semester will be made and communicated to students by September 18.
  • Fall Break will now run October 17-19.
  • Following Thanksgiving recess, the College will transition to online course delivery for the last seven days of classes and the final exam period.
  • Final exams will conclude on December 14.

The majority of fall classes will be offered in an on-campus, in-person format. Courses are being spread out across a longer period of the day and some courses will be offered in a blended/hybrid mode or online. Faculty members are working to accommodate social distancing in learning spaces and designing course content to allow for a transition to online learning if necessary.

Fall Break was reduced by one day. Faculty felt a one-day break was valuable for student mental health. However, like other times during the semester, students are discouraged from unnecessary travel and therefore are encouraged to stay on campus to limit COVID exposure or spread.

Shifting the schedule and transition to online course delivery for the last seven days of class acknowledges that Thanksgiving has a strong tradition for travel and larger gatherings, thus it would be unrealistic to expect students to remain on campus and a risky time to bring students back to campus.

  • Residence Halls and Dining Services will remain open until the end of finals for student who prefer to remain on campus for the end of the semester.
  • Meal plan accounts will be distributed over the days from the start of school to Thanksgiving.
  • If a student chooses to stay on campus after Thanksgiving they will have access to use dining funds allocated for January/spring semester.
  • Because students may choose to remain on campus, parking pass costs will not be adjusted.