Campus Events & Meetings

Standard COVID Conditions Phase (phase orange)

Gus in the spotlight with a mask

Events and meetings are an important part of campus life. Therefore, due to COVID safety restrictions, all student organizations and departments are encouraged to think creatively about how to host events and meetings online or in-person following a COVID safety plan.


  • Virtual meetings should be held whenever possible.
  • Meetings held in person must ensure six (6) feet of distance between people is maintained.
  • Due to distancing restrictions, meeting spaces on campus will be limited.
  • All in-person meetings of 20 or more people must have an approved COVID safety plan.
  • A listing of room capacities is available here.

Campus Events

  • Events may be in person when COVID safety protocols can be met.
  • Events may be live streamed with captioning via YouTube when possible.
  • All in-person events of 20 or more people must have an approved COVID safety plan.
  • During set-ups and tear down of events, six (6) feet distancing must be maintained and face covering must be worn.
  • An event planning resource was developed to assist groups in finding alternative ways to host events.

Reservation Priority of Space Usage

  1. Academic classes, athletic team and fine arts practices/rehearsals
  2. Admission events
  3. Student groups
  4. Departmental/academic programming
  5. Gustavus community Use

COVID Event Planning

Event planners should consider these items as they plan:

  • Event planners need to complete a COVID safety plan form at least three (3) weeks prior to any intended events. If the plan is not initially approved, event planners may modify the event to meet campus COVID guidelines and resubmit the form for approval.
  • Criteria for approval is based on answers to these questions:
    • How will the group adhere to the current College expectations around six (6) feet physical distancing?
    • Is there a space on campus available for the event? Request a space using the room request form.
    • How will you monitor the room capacity and what is your process to deny entry if the event attendance exceeds room capacity?
    • How will you ensure attendees are wearing a facial covering?
    • Does the event agenda ensure there is no person to person contact (i.e. registration table, shaking hands, high fives, etc.)?
    • How are organizers working with Dining Service if food will be served to ensure COVID safety guidelines are being followed?
  • COVID Capacity for major campus event spaces:
    • List of all room capacities is available here
    • Christ Chapel, Alumni Hall, and Bjorling Recital Hall will have limited availability for events due to fine arts rehearsals.
    • Athletic facilities will have limited availability for events due to athletic team usage.
    • The banquet rooms and Evelyn Young Dining Room are not available for events due to the need for regular seating.
  • Event planners who fail to observe COVID guidelines may lose the privilege of having an in-person event until COVID safety restrictions are lifted.

Event Livestreaming

Gus in Jackson Campus Center with a mask

For event planners who wish to have a livestreaming component, there are a wide variety of options to accomplish that goal.

  1. Use a cell phone and stream the event to social media.
    1. The social media platform to choose depends on the event and the preferred platform by largest members of the audience.
    2. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more all have ways of streaming live video from your mobile phone to their platform.
    3. Some of these services also let you stream from a laptop, allowing you to share your screen, use additional cameras, microphones etc.
  2. Host a Google Meet or Zoom where you might have a small number of "hosts" all sharing their voice and video and then allowing YouTube to stream the meet for others to watch.
  3. There are a several spaces on campus that have cameras which are capable of doing a livestream. Those spaces include Christ Chapel, Alumni Hall, Wallenberg Auditorium, and Bjorling Recital Hall. If your event is occurring in these spaces, please request assistance with livestreaming on the room request form and the Event Technical Services staff will provide assistance. Streaming of an event or meetings happening in other rooms on campus is up to the event planner to manage the streaming technology and platform.

Tabling in the Campus Center

  • In-person tabling on campus will not be permitted until further notice.